Mezco has announced the 3rd wave of their mediocre line of ‘Heroes’ action figures… and who is finally making her plastic debut!? My sister, Kristen Bell!!!! Hopefully it’ll be out by Christmas… hint… hint!!


Ah… how I love the Twisted Toyfare Theatre!!


Amazing Spider-Man #547 – So I still can’t tell what exactly is going on with Spidey since the whole retcon happened, but the art is great & the story isn’t terrible. So, DID Peter Parker kill J. Jonah Jameson last issue?
Avengers Classic #8 – Behold, the de-butt of Kang the Conqueror, 1 of the coolest old school villains their was.
Cable & Deadpool #49 – Deadpool is now trying to rebuild Rumekhistan to honor Cable’s memory (guess Wade hasn’t been reading Messiah CompleX), & somehow he winds up in the Savage Land with Ka-Zar. Neato!
Catwoman #75 – Selina is caught on a Hell Planet with all the other villains of the DC Universe. So I guess it’s kill or be killed.
Incredible Herc #113 – I really dig the idea of Ares stepping in to sort out Herc & his BS. Then again, I’m a sucker for Greek mythology mixed with my comics.
Marvel Comics Presents #5 – Ka-Zar also shows up in MCP this month. Apparently January is ‘hey remember that blond dude running around in a thong with a big tiger in the jungles of Antarctica’ month.
New Exiles #1 – This is the make or break issue to see if I stick with the new incarnation of the reality hopping mutants. Tom Grummett will be handling art, but I dunno if that’s good enough to cover for Chris Claremont being WAY off his game as a writer.
New X-Men #46 – 2 chapters left to wrap up Messiah CompleX & I can’t wait to see how all the shit goes down. Can’t wait!!!

BTW, I’ve been known to piss & moan about the Marvel Legends action figures on this blog, & I wanted to knowe if others were having trouble tracking them down? I’ve got about halfd of the ‘Brood Queen’ wave (Cap, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, & the open mouth Hydra variant), but I can’t find any of the ‘Fantastic Four/Ronan’ wave. Anybody else having trouble, or is it just a Baltimore thing?

If you didn’t want to use up an hour & a half watching the latest Fantastic Four movie (which you should anyway… it’s a great popcorn flick)… here’s basically what happens:

As long-time readers may know, I’m addicted to action figures. My main addiction is to the Marvel Legends figures line from ToyBiz Hasbro. However, DC Direct puts out some good looking figures, although they are a little harder to find, less poseable, and a little more expensive. However they are putting out a second wave of Smallville figures that I MUST get my hands on. 3 or 4 years ago they did a tiny wave for Smallville featuring Clark, Lana, & Lex. They are the main characters, so it made sense to only do 3, but last season saw the formation of a Justice League on the show… and now, well…
they’re doing a new line of Smallville figures to feature the team. HOT!!

Now all I need is a Smallville Lois & Chloe twin pack, and I’ll be set!!
**Photo courtesy of KryptonSite!**

Word on the street is, now that Hasbro has taken over the Marvel Legends action figure line, the line has been under-performing on sales expectations. Maybe they’re priced just a little too high, come people are noting a decrease in quality, I miss the comic book reprints that used to come with them. Either way, after initial trouble finding the first wave earlier this year, I didn’t have much trouble getting all of the second wave late in the spring. Wave 3 is due out end of the summer, and I’m still excited. The line should include Captain America & Bucky from the Silver Age, Colossus from X-Men 3, Marvel Favorites Black Knight & a Hydra Soldier, and Marvel Girl, Cyclops, & Danger from recent years in X-Men. This wave is kind of random, but I’m still excited, and the build-a-figure is the Brood Queen. Take a looky:
There’s also rumblings of waves for Fantastic Four, Spider-Man movie, and the Hulk, all in the Marvel Legends scale, with their own build-a-figures, but my thinking is, to put these out this late after the movies have been out, will anyone care? Besides me of courses. There are also rumors about the final wave for 2007 including Black Bolt, Storm, Tigra, Punisher, Daredevil, Nova, Silver Samurai, & Sunfire. Of course I can’t confirm this until the figures start to be officially promo’d. But That’s what the word is. Expect to see me tearing the toy aisle up again in August!!

I came across this today and HAD to share it!!

Click HERE to see Spider-Man review a box of crayons! (It’s actually humorous!)