Well, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been light on the posting lately. Or if you’re a long time reader, it’s just par for the course for my slacker ass!! But, I’ve been worn out for most of the week, because after my long days of work, I zip on out to rehearsals for…

That’s right, almost 3 years of not appearing on stage (seriously, not since ‘Rudolph The Red-Hosed reindeer’ in December 2005) have gone by, and I’m back! I’m playing Jason Chenier in the Baltimore premiere of the Tony-winning play “Take Me Out”. It’s been a fun rehearsal process, and I’m eager for us to open tomorrow night, so that I can both share my work with the community, AND get my life back. Rehearsal every night is killer! But I’m mostly pleased with the show, and my performance in it. Oh and I get naked in it, as does most of the cast.

So if your interested in seeing it, head to Fells Point Corner Theatre to get information on performances & tickets.

Oh and that picture above is our poster. I love how retarded I look in it. It’s like I’m in a promo photo for either ‘Nunsense’ or ‘Angels in The Outfield’ and they cropped my dumb head right into the center. Awesome!!

Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out

“All those Bible humpers protesting the play can suck on a bag of dicks!”
— Hamlet 2

St. Paul’s Cathedral

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Slackerosity prevails!! A week and a half after I got back from London (AKA best Vacation ever) I had travel plans to visit my parents in Florida for a week. Another great getaway, but it seems like my life has been kinda dangling for the past month, between a week away, a week home, then a week away again. But it was totally worth it, obviously, and it may sound it, but I’m not complaining.

As usual, the blog suffered while I was out having a good time.

Get used to it though, as I’ve busied myself up with a full plate this fall. Along with work following it’s regular course of being pretty busy in every month except July & December, I’m taking Sociology online this semester, and that course starts this week. And since I’m notoriously good at balancing work and school (HA!), I’m finally returning to the community theatre stage here in Baltimore!

I haven’t been onstage (December 2005) since before I started the blog (June 2006), and only auditioned once about a year and a half ago to get back into it (didn’t get cast, not bitter tho). So now I’m appearing as Jason Chenier in the Baltimore premiere of ‘Take Me Out’. I’m pretty excited, I think my character is perfect for me, and I love the script. I’m stoked to be back into one of my hobbies, and hopefully the short rehearsal process will lend itself to me doing a decent job of juggling all the balls in my life. Heh… balls.

So that’s the catching up with toonsntunes portion of the blog today. Hopefully I’ll post regularly in the coming months. But you know… if I don’t… there’s plenty of other bloggers who do. Just stay away from Perez Hilton.

“You bet I arrived overnight. Over a few hundred nights in the Catskills, in vaudeville, in clubs and on Broadway.”
— Danny Kaye


Today’s hottie is only vaguely related to music. Sure he was in both stage & film versions of ‘Rent’, but really, he was like the least singinging-est cast member (& the same could be said for his role in the film version of ‘Chicago’). However, Taye Diggs is 1 of the hottest men on the planet. He’s been in quite a few excellent movies, including the 2 mentioned, as well as ‘Go’, ‘How Stella Got Her Groove Back’, & ‘House on Haunted Hill’; as well as some excellent runs in both Broadway & television projects. His wife, along with being the luckiest lady on the planet, is also the Tony-award winning Idina Menzel. Idina is also beautiful & talented, and has a new album, ‘I Stand’, coming out in about a week. Her new single is called ‘Gorgeous’, and it must have some inspriation from her smoking hot husband Taye. Enjoy the sights & sounds!


Idina Menzel – Gorgeous (Scotty K QB Edit)
Idina Menzel – Gorgeous (Tracy Young QB Edit)
Idina Menzel – Gorgeous (Craig C QB Edit)
And since both Idina & Taye sing on it a bit:
Cast of Rent – Seasons of Love (Gomi’s Radio Edit)


1. Timbaland – Shock Value
I know, how cliche, but seriously, ‘The Way I Are’ is 1 of the best songs I’ve heard all year, & the album continueds in a bouncey & fun direction, while borrowing bits of rock, rap, R & B, pop, and dance to make the most diverse album of the year.
2. Lily Allen – Alright Still
While the rest of the world was heralding the British Invasion of Amy Winehouse, I grew more & more addicted to Lily Allen, who’s album showcased the lyrics of the party girl next door, always ready for some fun, without going overboard. I would totally hang out with this chick!
3. Spring Awakening OBCR
A few years ago I would have said that cast recording would never make my best of list, but with Duncan Sheik at the helm, & these beautiful young voices of Broadway, I may just become a ‘Show Queen’ yet.
4. The Gossip – Standing In The Way of Control
So this album was out well before 2007, but 2007 was the year that the Gossip exploded. Their awesome sets on the True Colors Tour hopefully set the stage for them to conquer the world with their next album!
5. MIA – Kala
MIA is absolutely sick. In a good way. Her album can barely be defined, without calling it world music, which calls to mind instrumental Enya BS. So I guess a better way is to say that MIA took the world to her own crazy house party.
6. Tracey Thorn – Out of The Woods
Gorgeous. Utterly gorgeous. Her voice is haunting & endearing. And Grand Canyon could be one of the bestsongs ever.
7. Kanye West – Graduation
Kanye knocks it out of the park. Ripping off electronic music & refusing to go the typical rap route of less acclaimed rap acts, Mr. West keeps the game fresh & inspired. Take note 50… evolve or retire!
8. Amy Winehouse – Back to Black
Ok, so I got a little tired of her by the end of summer, but she is still 1 of the most unique voices of the year, & every track on this disc is excellent. Hopefully she can get her shit together and turn out some more great music, without allt he tabloid crap.
9. Bjork – Volta
A grower, not a shower. And I hate saying that about someone I’ve loved for over a decade, but she really needs another cook in her kitchen to get her to dial it back on the crazy and beef it up on the beats.Still, it was great to hear the ice goddess return to a more pop direction.
10. Tori Amos – American Doll Posse
I’ve loved Tori forever & her new album was great, for a concept album. Not her best, & about 5 tracks too long. If she had shaved off a few and left them in b-side land, a muchmore solid album would be out there, and it may have been higher on my list.
The rest:
Mika – Life In Cartoon Motion (I showed up late to Mika’s party, but he had a solid album except for 2 songs); Armand Van Helden- Ghettoblaster (Don’t let the singles fool you, this album is a huge throwback to the super-fun early days of house); Common – Finding Forever (I had hoped this one would be a little more consistent, but he still has amazing lyrics); Seal – System (An excellent album, a true fusion of pop and dance); Fall Out Boy – Infinity on High (Even if I’m not 15 year old emo kid, I still dug this disc!)

“In Mexico, theater is very underground, so if you’re a theater actor it’s very difficult to make a living. But it’s also a very beautiful pathway to knowledge and to an open education.”

— Gael Garcia Bernal

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