“I might have brown hair now, but I’m still blonde inside.”
— Clark (America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 11)

Mezco has announced the 3rd wave of their mediocre line of ‘Heroes’ action figures… and who is finally making her plastic debut!? My sister, Kristen Bell!!!! Hopefully it’ll be out by Christmas… hint… hint!!

I was watching “Weeds” last night, and something finally set in. Hunter Parrish, who play the oldest son, is all growed up and looking DAMN hot now. See for yourself!

… just hella busy. Sorry.

Here’s some surprising Kylie dance crew action though!!

Don’t forget which Marvel movies drops this weekend!!

(Clip from the MAN – Jimmy Kimmel)

Effing brilliant!!

Here’s some pop-flavored non-hits that should get your weekend cookouts jumpin’. Enjoy!

Junior Senior – Move Your Feet
Boomkat – What U Do 2 Me (Chris Lord-Alge Radio Mix)
Cooler Kids – All Around The World (Punk Debutante)

Though we’re best friends, Shantytown and I have tastes in men that seldom overlap. However, when it comes to Romany Malco, the 2 of us get too drooling like people lost in the desert staring down an oasis. Romany plays Conrad on one of the funniest shows ever – ‘Weeds’, and has also been seen in ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’, ‘Blades of Glory’, and the upcoming Tina Fey comedy ‘Baby Mama’. He also played MC Hammer in the TV Movie ‘2 Legit’ which is an AWESOME thing to have on your resume! Romany is so HOT and 1 of my favorite ‘Weeds’ moments was last season when he stripped down naked & gave it to Nancy but good in the growhouse kitchen. *sigh*

So I’ll admit. I was disappointed with Ms. K on ‘Dancing WIth The Stars’. Like a faithful fan, I kept my trap shut, and didn’t mention her appearance on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night. Big Mistake. Huge! Her interview was great fun and her performance of ‘All I See’ was light years ahead of her performance on DWTS. I added the youtube link for your enjoyment!

So today’s reminder, check her out on “Ellen’ today, and don’t forget to pick up the CD ASAP! Also learned that if you buy it thru Amazon’s Digital release store, ‘Carried Away’ is included as a bonus track! What are you waiting for!?

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