oh the horror

I just read an article on Yahoo News (Entertainment News… cuz that’s the important stuff) and the breaking story is that a lawsuit has been set against the makers of the “film” ‘Disturbia”. Why you ask? Unfortunately, it’s not to punish them for making Shia LeBarf a “star”, but because the movie infringes on the copyright of the Hitchcock classic, “Rear Window”. Um, duh!? The movie is basically an update. Every review of the movie compared it to RW. All movies coming out now are ripping of something older (and better). What confuses me is how it’s 2008, and this just came up. The movie came out in theaters AND dvd in 2007. The bulk of the money the film is going to make has been made. What’s the point? Oh well, Rihanna ripped off the title for her new single. So that bring it all back around.

Rihanna – Disturbia

Rihanna – Disturbia (Jody Den Broeder Edit)

Rihanna – Disturbia (Craig C Master Edit)

Amazing Spider-Man #565
Captain America: White
Captain Britain & Mi:13 #3
GeNeXt #3 – I keep waiting for this to get better. The art last issue was better at least.
Green Arrow/Black Canary #10 – I have an imaginary crush on Green Arrow now.
Invincible Iron Man #3
Last Defenders #5
Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs #3
Secret Invasion #4 – I Can’t Wait!!!
Ultimate Origins #2
Young X-Men #4

Amazing Spider-Man #559 – Peter Parker a paparazzi?
Captain Britain & MI:13 #1 – The Skrulls are invading Europe too. Hope it doesn’t eff up my trip to London in 2 months!
GENext #1 – What if the X-men actually got old & had kids?
Last Defenders #3
Lost Boys: Return of the Frogs #1 – What happened between the first moving and the upcoming sequel!
Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1
Titans #2 – I started picking this one up… we’ll see how it goes.
Wolverine #65 – Is WOlvie gonna ice Mystique?
X-Men Legacy #211 – More Prof X emo stuff… and the return of Rogue?
X-Men Origin: Colossus #1

It’s a grey & rainy day here in Baltimore… so I need some extreme cheese to brighten the day. Nothing says extreme cheese like Britney Spears.

Britney Spears & Madonna – Me Against The Music (Justice Remix)
Britney Spears – Born To Make You Happy (Bonus Remix)
Britney Spears – Crazy (Spacedust QB Edit)

All-Star Superman #10 – The best and most slowest Superman series ever.
Authority Prime #6 – This series was not bad, but about 2 issues 2 long.
Black Panther #35 – BP and his wifey finally return to Wakanda. And its gone to shit while they were gone.
Freddy vs Jason vs Ash #6 – The end of an excellent horror series. Who will win!?
Mighty Avengers #11 – More fighting with Dr. Doom, and Mark Bagley is saying goodbye to Marvel. Probably because they have him working double time on this title.
Ms. Marvel #25 – She’s a Skrull? No way!?
New Avengers #39 – It’s painted by David Mack. He kicks ass. Buy It!
She-Hulk 2 #27 – Another new direction for Shulkie. More Hero less zero!
Ultimate X-Men #92 – Ultimate Onslaught and Stryfe show-up!
Wolverine First Class #1 – Another Wolverine title? Jeez. I’ll give it a look, dunno if it’ll be regular.
World War Hulk: Damage Control #3 – How did they fix up NYC so fast after the Hulk attacked?
X-Men Legacy #209 – Who can save Professor X? The not-dead Magneto, natch!

Black Panther Annual #1 – A future tale of Wakanda becoming a major World power, and T’Challa preparing the next Black Panther to take over. And a bitchin’ cover from Juan Doe!!
Captain America #35 – As the new Cap gets used to everything the Red Skull steps up his nafarious new plans. Natch!
Freddy vs Jason vs Ash #5 – More horrifying ass whooping as this excellent mini works towards it conclusion.
House of M: Avengers #5 – The conclusion to this rougher alternate reality Avengers tale. Maybe now we will see how it ties into the proper House of M mini-series.
Kick Ass #1 – A mature readers title about a more realistic view of super-heroes. Expect vulgarity grossness and hilarity to ensue!
Marvel Zombies 2 #5 – The fate of what’s left of the human race hangs in the balance as the Civil War between the Marvel Zombies comes to its shattering & sickening conclusion!
She-Hulk 2 #26 – So a Skrull, a She-HUlk, and a mysterious are going to duke it out and see if Shulkie will go back to her heroic ways. Recent issues of other books would lead us to belive that she does!
Thor #6 – The first arc of the new Thor finishes up. And after we met a female Loki last issue… who knows what could be next!
X-Men Legends #208 – Following Messiah CompleX this books takes off in a new direction, and will probably let us know if Professor X is really dead or not. If Smallville and X-Men have taught me anything, gunshots to the head don’t kill bald dudes!
Young Avengers Presents #2 – Expect some hints to Secret Invasion to crop up here, since Hulking is part Kree & part Skrull… and maybe some appearances by his boyfriend. That’s right kids… he’s gay too – and dating Wiccan!!


Today I finally start mining the fields of Buffy’s mens. Since the excellent TV series has also spawned a popular comic series, I figure all the hotties that have ever appeared on the show are fair game! So let’s start with Buffy’s own version of Mr. Big — Angel who was played by David Boreanaz.
David was so popular on Buffy that he got his own spin-off for a few seasons, and is currently looking sexy on the un-Buffy series ‘Bones’. There’s even been a few ‘Angel’ comic book series.
Sorry boys, he’s married with kids, but he’s still pretty effing hot!
And he got a little NSFW in one of his movie roles.

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