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My iPod magically took a trip down memory lane, and I figured, what the hell let’s share it on the blog. Some late 80’s early 90s dance pop goodness for y’all.

Paula Abdul – Cold Hearted (Chad Jackson 7″ Mix)
Janet Jackson – Escapade (We’ve Got It Made 7″ Mix)


Armand Van Helden – I Want Your Soul (Crookers Crunk Remix)
Kanye West – Good Life (Heavy Feet Remix)
Pink – Don’t Let Me Get Me (JM’s Tracy Young Juicy Horn Edit)
Cher – One By One (JM’s Junior Vasquez Edit)
Kylie Minogue – What Do I Have To Do (Movers & Shakers Remix)
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam – Head to Toe (Foot Mix)
Janet Jackson–Got Til It’s Gone (Armand’s Speedy Garage Mix)


Laura Branigan – Self Control
Jason Walker – Foolish Lover I’m Sorry
Kelis – Milkshake (Neptunes Remix)
Kanye West – Hey Mama (Grammy’s Mix)
M.I.A. – Paper Planes (Scottie B Remix)
Janet – Feedback (Wideboys Radio Edit)
Mandy Moore – Candy (Wade Robson Remix)
Spice Girls – Wannabe (The Touch Remix)


Prince – Thieves In The Temple (Junior Vasquez Edit)

Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time (Josh Harris Mix)

The B-52’s – Funplex

Janet Jackson – Rock With U

Stupid Fresh – Get The Fuck Up

Paula Abdul – Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow

Kanye West – Stronger (AD Main Remix) 

Heres the rest of the new Janet mixes. The Jody den Broeder is my favorite of the lot. It’s the funkiest, IMO. Enjoy!

Janet Jackson – Feedback (Craig J’s Sassy QB Edit)
Janet Jackson – Feedback (Jody den Broeder QB Edit)
Janet Jackson – Feedback (Rosabel Hyper QB Edit)

It’s almost the anniversary of Janet’s best SuperBowl halftime show ever! Let’s celebrate with the mixes for her new single – Feedback. I just got the remix promo. 3 official edits, & some other remixes that I’ll trim down & post tomorrow or Saturday.

Janet Jackson – Feedback (Ralphi & Craig J Electro Shock Radio Mix)
Janet Jackson – Feedback (Moto Blanco Radio Edit)
Janet Jackson – Feedback (Ralphi Rosario Dirty Sexy Radio Edit)

I was stoked to find out that Jeremy Word has remixed the new Janet single, ‘Feedback’. It’s awesome, and this is definitely a DJ to keep your eye on. I’m gonna post a few of his other mixes so you can find out why I dig his style so much!

Janet Jackson – Feedback (Jeremy Word QB Edit)
Bjork – Earth Intruders (Jeremy Word QB Edit)
Timbaland – Give It To Me (Jeremy Word QB Edit)

Janet’s worst video yet is out now:

And still no official word on who’s on remix duty. I still like the song though.