… till London. I’m so excited my London Bridge is coming down, just like Methface’s!!!

Fergie – London Bridge

Vivian Green – I Like It (But I Don’t Need It) (JM’s Junior Vasquez Club Edit)
Notorious B.I.G – Mo Money Mo Problems (Razor ‘n’ Go Club Mix)
Basement Jaxx ft Cyndi Lauper – I’m From New York
Dizzee Rascal – Dance Wiv Me (ft Calvin Harris & Chrome)
Dolly Parton – 9 to 5 (Love To Infinity Radio Mix)
Tricky – Slow (Kylie cover)
Michael Jackson – Off The Wall (Junior Vasquez Mix)
Mariah Carey – Loverboy (MJ Cole Radio Edit)
Madonna – Give It 2 Me (Fedde Le Grand Mix)
Coldplay – Viva La Vida

Cuz you will now!!

It’s like Amy Winehouse with a sense of humor, like Macy Gray without the freaky voice… it’s the new(ish) group Little Jackie. Little Jackie are producer Adam Pallin & front-woman Imani Coppola, who you may remember from a short-lived pop career in the late 90’s. Their debut album, “The Stoop” is due out tomorrow, & I for one am definitely going to be picking it up!

Not only are Little Jackie one of Billboard’s Top 10 Indie Artists, but their new single, ‘The World Should Revolve Around Me’ has been picked as the theme song to ‘New York Goes to Hollywood’ (which probably only impresses you if you have a gross fascination with VH1 “reality” TV. Like I do!).

Their sound is a blend of motown, hip-hop, funk, & pop; so be sure to pick up or download the album tomorrow, & here’s an mp3 to tide you over till then!!

Little Jackie – Crying For The Queen

We’re all familiar with Kylie’s lovely little attempt at a US single, ‘All I See’, right? A cute song that could have been a hit if her record company knew fuck-all about promotion. Here’s a reminder:

So, then… what the FUCK is this?

I did a little research & the albums were released within a day of each other, so clearly the lazy producer recycled beats for both birds. Unfortunately, Sparks has the American Idol machine behind her, so you know her ca-ca will be a hit. I’m still partial to Kylie’s though!!

Usually solo material by an ex-Destiny’s Child is cause for a little ridicule. Especially when we’re talking Michelle Williams, the red-headed stepchild of the group. Her new single is pretty damn cute though. Check it out!

Michelle Williams – We Break The Dawn
Michelle Williams – We Break The Dawn (Maurice Joshua Radio Edit)
Michelle Williams – We Break The Dawn (Karmatronic Radio Edit)
Michelle Williams – Let’s Stay Together **Bonus – Her cover of the Al Green classic.
Michelle Williams – Hello Heartbreak ** Another track of her new CD!

The BET Awards always straddle the line between lame & legendary, but Alicia Keys’ performance last night – reuniting (cuz it feels so good) many a 90’s R & B girl group – was effing incredible. Watch…

… just hella busy. Sorry.

Here’s some surprising Kylie dance crew action though!!

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