fantastic 4

Amazing Spider-Man #571
Deadpool #1 – So glad to have a Deadpool book again!!
Green Arrow/Black Canary #12 – Finally caught up, & I miss the old artist.
Ms. Marvel #30
Patsy Walker: Hellcat #3 – Alaska is hot right now! Between a Top Model contestant, a possible VP, and Hellcat fighting “crime” up there…
Secret Invasion #6 – Cap. Thor. Iron Man. Reunited. And it feels so good!
Secret Invasion: Inhumans #2 – Better than expected!!
Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers #3
Secret Invasion: X-Men #2
Ultimate Origins #4
Ultimate X-Men/Fantastic Four Annual #1

What with delays, who knows what’s out today. And I’m across the pond and won’t know until Sunday!

Amazing Spider-Man #565
Captain America: White
Captain Britain & Mi:13 #3
GeNeXt #3 – I keep waiting for this to get better. The art last issue was better at least.
Green Arrow/Black Canary #10 – I have an imaginary crush on Green Arrow now.
Invincible Iron Man #3
Last Defenders #5
Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs #3
Secret Invasion #4 – I Can’t Wait!!!
Ultimate Origins #2
Young X-Men #4

Huge stack today. Dunno when I’m gonna read it all!?

Angel: Revelations #2 Gorgeous art. Better story then I expected!
Avengers: Initiative #14
Black Panther #37 Great to have the story back in Wakanda instead of outer space!!
Captain America #39 Cap clone vs Cap replacement!
Fantastic Four #558 Dr. Doom returns. Again.
Hulk #4
Marvel: 1985 #2 Promising new mini!
Marvel Comics Presents #10 I don’t think this bad boy is going past issue 12, but I could be wrong.
Mighty Avengers #15 Info on how Hank Pym came to be replaced by a Skrull.
Ms. Marvel #28 Carol vs. Super-Skrull. Woohoo!
New Avengers #42 This cover looks fantastic! Some manner of Invasion background.
New Warriors #13

Runaways #30 Finally. Whedon’s last issue. What a snooze he was on this title!
Secret History of The Authority: Hawksmoor #4
Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers #1
She-Hulk #30
Thor: Ages of Thunder – Reign of Blood
Ultimates 3 #4 Finally!
Uncanny X-Men #499 Setting the stage for the big issue #500 next month!!
Wolverine: First Class #4
X-Men: Legacy #213 The return of Gambit.
Young Avengers Presents #6

Not shipping till tomorrow, & what a long list it is!!

All-Star Superman #11
Angel: Revelations #1 – Adam Pollina returns to the X-verse!!
Giant Size Astonishing X-Men #1 – FINALLY!!! This story has been dragging for forever… and I just want to know if Kitty Pryde is going to die. Well clearly she’s dying… but how??? Grrr!!
King Size Hulk #1 – Overpriced & unnecesary… but the art looks slammin’!
Marvel: 1985 #1 – Real time Marvel heroes. If you’re feeling nostalgic!
Marvel Comics Presents #9
Ms. Marvel #27
New Avengers #41
New Warriors #12
Secret History of The Authority: Jack Hawksmoor #3 – A surprisingly solid book with great art!
She-Hulk 2 #29
Thor #9
Uncanny X-Men #498
Wolverine: First Class #3 – I thought I’d drop thios, but I’m a sucker for the High Evolutionary… and Kitty Pryde!
X-Force #4
X-Men: Legacy #212
Young Avengers Presents #5 – I’m interested to see Stature’s story, as the only Young Avenger to register.

Amazing Spider-Man #560 – More paparazzi Spidey action!
Avengers Classic #12 – The last issue of the walk down memory lane.
Avengers Initiative #13 – New team of new recruits!
Black Panther #36
Captain America #38
Catwoman #79 – OH no! This book is getting cancelled at the end of the summer! What a bummer!
Echo #3 – This series is excellent! I can only hope Terry Moore’s upcoming work for Marvel is as good as when he does his own thing!
Fantastic Four #557
Incredible Hercules #117 – And the Secret Invasion tie-ins continue!!
Mighty Avengers #14
Ultimate X-Men #94 – New creative team takes over… & gloss over the Kirkman issues.
X-Factor #31 – More Arcade vs. the team action!
X-Men: Divided We Stand #2 – Part 2 of a nice round-up of across the board mutant check-ins.

Amazing Spider-Man #559 – Peter Parker a paparazzi?
Captain Britain & MI:13 #1 – The Skrulls are invading Europe too. Hope it doesn’t eff up my trip to London in 2 months!
GENext #1 – What if the X-men actually got old & had kids?
Last Defenders #3
Lost Boys: Return of the Frogs #1 – What happened between the first moving and the upcoming sequel!
Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1
Titans #2 – I started picking this one up… we’ll see how it goes.
Wolverine #65 – Is WOlvie gonna ice Mystique?
X-Men Legacy #211 – More Prof X emo stuff… and the return of Rogue?
X-Men Origin: Colossus #1

Amazing Spider-Man #555 – Wolverine & Chris Bachalo join in on the Brand New Day!!
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 #13 – Still not caught up!
Cable #2 – Guess who’s not dead. Bishop!
Kick-Ass #2 – Not a bad start. Realism in comics!? Whodathunk!?
Midnighter #18 – I think there were 20 words total last issue. We’ll see if they’re more chatty this month.
New Exiles #4 – This is probably the end of the road for me. The first arc gets resolved… and it was pretty sucky actually.
Omega The Unknown #7 – Crazy read. But good!
Secret Invasion #1 – The big crossover officially starts here!
Young Avengers Presents #3 – More info on the gay Young Avenger and his speedy brother.
Young X-Men #1 – The New X-Men class gets recycled into a new team with a new mission.


Amazing Spider-Man #550 – Another goblin? Another redhead? Another issue for the reset Spidey!!
Black Panther #34 – The cover for this issue is fierce. The dimensionally challenged Fantastic Four battle their way through a gangster Skrull world.
Captain Marvel #3 – Some more Secret Invasion tidbits. And some more Marvel-iscious ass whooping.
Fantastic Four #554 – A new creative team takes over with this issue. Who cares? Well it is the team that made ‘The Ultimates’ the bad-ass comic book that it is today. So perhaps you should take notice!!
Marvel Comics Presents #6 – This issue features a Cap story along with the continuing sagas of Weapon Omega, Vanguard, and now Ka-Zar!
New Avengers #38 – Could it be? Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are breaking up? Is Jessica really going to register to protect her baby? This issue fills us in!
New Exiles #2 – This book didn’t suck as much as it could, and didn’t blow me away either. I love thartist, so they at least have my attention through the first arc. After that, I guarantee nothing.
Wolverine #62 – A ‘Divided We Stand’ tie-in. Apparently Wolverine is off on his own little tangent to try and kill Mystique once and for all.
X-Factor #28 – A new direction for the team, as Layla is apparently dead, Madrox is shaken up from his time travel, and Wolfsbane leaves the team. My oh my!
X-Force #1 – A new team led by that under-used Wolverine dude, who will do the dirty work that the X-Men won’t do. Don’t expect it to be much like the wonderful X-Force series from the 90’s.



Avengers Initiative #9 – Someone is gonna bite it. After last month’s addition of the Taskmaster & the new Ant-Man, this series just keeps getting better & better!!
Captain America #34 – The new Cap debuts here. Is it Bucky? Probably.
Captain America: The Chosen #6 – A non-sucky war story. Imagine that. In a more surprising move, could the dude from this mini-series be the new Cap? We’ll see…
Fantastic Four #553 – The conclusion to a rather dull-arc about the FF from the future coming back to shed light on Reed’s master plan from Civil War. Time to tidy things up for the new creative team to take over this lagging title!!
House of M: Avengers #4 – More characters show up to join in the anti-Magneto agenda in the House of M reality.
Mighty Avengers #8 – Spider-Woman has joined up in time to tackle a massive symbiote take-over of New York. Plus, some ass-kicking wih the New Avengers too. Fun!
New Avengers Annual #2 – This annual promises to tie up some loose ends dangling from Civil War and World War Hulk, plus get ‘er ready for Secret Invasion. Plus some line-up shake-ups!
Ultimate X-Men #90 – Sinister appears to be back from the dead as we gear up for the return (debut?) of Ultimate Apocalypse.
What If… Spider-Man vs. Wolverine – Wouldn’t it be fun to watch some 80’s Wolvie versus Spidey action!? I think so.
X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #5 – Summers vs. Summers. This one should decide the fate of the X-Men in space, plus the Shi’Ar empire.


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