Amazing Spider-Man #569
Angel: Revelations #4
Avengers: Initiative #16
Black Panther #40
Catwoman #82
Kick-Ass #4
Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs #4
Marvel Comics Presents #12
Mighty Avengers #17
New Avengers #44
New Warriors #15
Runaways #1
Secret Invasion: Amazing Spider-Man #1
She-Hulk #32
Skaar #3
Ultimate X-Men #97
Wolverine #68
X-Force #6
X-Men Legacy #215

What with delays, who knows what’s out today. And I’m across the pond and won’t know until Sunday!

Amazing Spider-Man #560 – More paparazzi Spidey action!
Avengers Classic #12 – The last issue of the walk down memory lane.
Avengers Initiative #13 – New team of new recruits!
Black Panther #36
Captain America #38
Catwoman #79 – OH no! This book is getting cancelled at the end of the summer! What a bummer!
Echo #3 – This series is excellent! I can only hope Terry Moore’s upcoming work for Marvel is as good as when he does his own thing!
Fantastic Four #557
Incredible Hercules #117 – And the Secret Invasion tie-ins continue!!
Mighty Avengers #14
Ultimate X-Men #94 – New creative team takes over… & gloss over the Kirkman issues.
X-Factor #31 – More Arcade vs. the team action!
X-Men: Divided We Stand #2 – Part 2 of a nice round-up of across the board mutant check-ins.


Amazing Spider-Man #551 – More fun continues as Spidey squares off with the po-po, Menace, and gets sued.
Avengers Classic #9 – The debut of Wonder Man, back when he was a bad guy!
Cable & Deadpool #50 – The end of an era, as Cable returns from the dead, the team-up with Cable ends. Alegedly, Deadpool will return in his own book later this year.
Catwoman #76 – Just when i think this book is lagging, something cool happens like Selina getting booted to an Exile planet full of DC’s villains.
Hulk #2 – Apparently Red Hulk is finally showing up, to kick some Iron Man Ass. But who is this new Hulk?
Incredible Hercules #114 – Apparently Amadeus Cho is banking on Hercules going apeshit and destroying SHIELD. Don’t see that happening really.
Mighty Avengers #9 – Symbiotes attack New York, so what to the Avengers do, declare war on Latveria, to have a fight with Dr. Doom. Ooh!!
The Order #8 – After a fight with Namor didn’t boost sales (shocking), the Order is on it’s way to being shit-canned in 2 issues.
Runaways #29 – Remember this book. Some dude named Joss Whedon took over, and it’s shipping hasn’t been right since.
Ultimate X-Men #91 – Ultimate Apocalypse is on the scene, and just what will he do differently from his regular counterpart? I think Sinister killed Angel last issue, so could an Ultimate Archangel be far away?
Ultimates 3 #3 – Still not caught up on this, but the art looks amazing!!


Amazing Spider-Man #547 – So I still can’t tell what exactly is going on with Spidey since the whole retcon happened, but the art is great & the story isn’t terrible. So, DID Peter Parker kill J. Jonah Jameson last issue?
Avengers Classic #8 – Behold, the de-butt of Kang the Conqueror, 1 of the coolest old school villains their was.
Cable & Deadpool #49 – Deadpool is now trying to rebuild Rumekhistan to honor Cable’s memory (guess Wade hasn’t been reading Messiah CompleX), & somehow he winds up in the Savage Land with Ka-Zar. Neato!
Catwoman #75 – Selina is caught on a Hell Planet with all the other villains of the DC Universe. So I guess it’s kill or be killed.
Incredible Herc #113 – I really dig the idea of Ares stepping in to sort out Herc & his BS. Then again, I’m a sucker for Greek mythology mixed with my comics.
Marvel Comics Presents #5 – Ka-Zar also shows up in MCP this month. Apparently January is ‘hey remember that blond dude running around in a thong with a big tiger in the jungles of Antarctica’ month.
New Exiles #1 – This is the make or break issue to see if I stick with the new incarnation of the reality hopping mutants. Tom Grummett will be handling art, but I dunno if that’s good enough to cover for Chris Claremont being WAY off his game as a writer.
New X-Men #46 – 2 chapters left to wrap up Messiah CompleX & I can’t wait to see how all the shit goes down. Can’t wait!!!

BTW, I’ve been known to piss & moan about the Marvel Legends action figures on this blog, & I wanted to knowe if others were having trouble tracking them down? I’ve got about halfd of the ‘Brood Queen’ wave (Cap, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, & the open mouth Hydra variant), but I can’t find any of the ‘Fantastic Four/Ronan’ wave. Anybody else having trouble, or is it just a Baltimore thing?