Authority #1 Wildstorm is trying to revive this team once again. I’m betting on it sucking and I give up on this franchise altogether.
Avengers/Invaders #4
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 #17
Cable #6
Eternals #3
Hulk #5 Thor shows up to much around with the Red Hulk.
Invincible Iron Man #4 I’m really surprised by this series. It manages to brilliantly combine the magic of the movie with the continuity of the comics.
Patsy Walker: Hellcat #2 For those of you who miss Nextwave… get this book
Secret Invasion: Front Line #2
Spider Man Loves Mary Jane Season 2 #1 Terry Moore returns to Marvel to carry on the adventures of MJ in high school. Can’t wait!!
Terry Moore’s Echo #5 And T-Mo continues on his own indie book too…
Ultimate Origins #3

Amazing Spider-Man #564
Astonishing X-Men #25 – Warren Ellis & Simone Bianchi take over the book & hopefully reinvigorate it with the exciting stories & timely publishing schedule that have been lacking for about a year.
Avengers/Invaders #3
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Season 8 #16 – Joss Whedon returns to writing this book. Amazing how this book is never delayed.
Cable #5
Patsy Walker: Hellcat #1 – This one should be just as fun as her run in the Marvel Comics Presents anthology!
Secret Invasion: Front Line #1
Terry Moore’s Echo #4 – Amazing title. I can’t get enough Terry Moore, and he has 2 Marvel titles on the way too!!

Huge stack today. Dunno when I’m gonna read it all!?

Angel: Revelations #2 Gorgeous art. Better story then I expected!
Avengers: Initiative #14
Black Panther #37 Great to have the story back in Wakanda instead of outer space!!
Captain America #39 Cap clone vs Cap replacement!
Fantastic Four #558 Dr. Doom returns. Again.
Hulk #4
Marvel: 1985 #2 Promising new mini!
Marvel Comics Presents #10 I don’t think this bad boy is going past issue 12, but I could be wrong.
Mighty Avengers #15 Info on how Hank Pym came to be replaced by a Skrull.
Ms. Marvel #28 Carol vs. Super-Skrull. Woohoo!
New Avengers #42 This cover looks fantastic! Some manner of Invasion background.
New Warriors #13

Runaways #30 Finally. Whedon’s last issue. What a snooze he was on this title!
Secret History of The Authority: Hawksmoor #4
Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers #1
She-Hulk #30
Thor: Ages of Thunder – Reign of Blood
Ultimates 3 #4 Finally!
Uncanny X-Men #499 Setting the stage for the big issue #500 next month!!
Wolverine: First Class #4
X-Men: Legacy #213 The return of Gambit.
Young Avengers Presents #6

Amazing Spider-Man #555 – Wolverine & Chris Bachalo join in on the Brand New Day!!
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 #13 – Still not caught up!
Cable #2 – Guess who’s not dead. Bishop!
Kick-Ass #2 – Not a bad start. Realism in comics!? Whodathunk!?
Midnighter #18 – I think there were 20 words total last issue. We’ll see if they’re more chatty this month.
New Exiles #4 – This is probably the end of the road for me. The first arc gets resolved… and it was pretty sucky actually.
Omega The Unknown #7 – Crazy read. But good!
Secret Invasion #1 – The big crossover officially starts here!
Young Avengers Presents #3 – More info on the gay Young Avenger and his speedy brother.
Young X-Men #1 – The New X-Men class gets recycled into a new team with a new mission.


Today I finally start mining the fields of Buffy’s mens. Since the excellent TV series has also spawned a popular comic series, I figure all the hotties that have ever appeared on the show are fair game! So let’s start with Buffy’s own version of Mr. Big — Angel who was played by David Boreanaz.
David was so popular on Buffy that he got his own spin-off for a few seasons, and is currently looking sexy on the un-Buffy series ‘Bones’. There’s even been a few ‘Angel’ comic book series.
Sorry boys, he’s married with kids, but he’s still pretty effing hot!
And he got a little NSFW in one of his movie roles.