I mean, if anyone knows about lubrication… it’s Batman!


How have I not got to Chris O’Donnell yet? He was Robin in the 90’s Bat-franchise when they started to get sucky… but jeez-o-flip was he a cutie! Didn’t we all have a crush on him in high school? And surprise… he’s aged well too!



Ah… how I love the Twisted Toyfare Theatre!!


It’s Raining Men. (Weather Girls)
Take Your Shirts Off (Johnny Vicious & Lula)


Amazing Spider-Man #551 – More fun continues as Spidey squares off with the po-po, Menace, and gets sued.
Avengers Classic #9 – The debut of Wonder Man, back when he was a bad guy!
Cable & Deadpool #50 – The end of an era, as Cable returns from the dead, the team-up with Cable ends. Alegedly, Deadpool will return in his own book later this year.
Catwoman #76 – Just when i think this book is lagging, something cool happens like Selina getting booted to an Exile planet full of DC’s villains.
Hulk #2 – Apparently Red Hulk is finally showing up, to kick some Iron Man Ass. But who is this new Hulk?
Incredible Hercules #114 – Apparently Amadeus Cho is banking on Hercules going apeshit and destroying SHIELD. Don’t see that happening really.
Mighty Avengers #9 – Symbiotes attack New York, so what to the Avengers do, declare war on Latveria, to have a fight with Dr. Doom. Ooh!!
The Order #8 – After a fight with Namor didn’t boost sales (shocking), the Order is on it’s way to being shit-canned in 2 issues.
Runaways #29 – Remember this book. Some dude named Joss Whedon took over, and it’s shipping hasn’t been right since.
Ultimate X-Men #91 – Ultimate Apocalypse is on the scene, and just what will he do differently from his regular counterpart? I think Sinister killed Angel last issue, so could an Ultimate Archangel be far away?
Ultimates 3 #3 – Still not caught up on this, but the art looks amazing!!

I just can’t pick which boner pun to use!!!


One last Christmas themed pic to sign off from the holiday season of 2007. If the JLA will let Santa in, then it gives hope to fat-asses the world over that one day we too may join the likes of Superman & Wonder Woman in battle against evil.

How does Santa get all those toys made in time!?
Not elves, he has the JLA bail his tubby ass out!


Not only is Batman a dick. But he is a dick to Father Christmas!