I’m a 27 year old gay guy living in Baltimore, MD with my 2 cats. I work full time for a non-profit, & occasionally get involved in local theatre, & have recently returned to college part-time, after dropping out in 2000. I’m totally nutty over music & comic books, & also enjoy movies & regular books & some outdoors-type stuff. Anything else about me will probably come up over time in the blog part. Enjoy the ride!

(photo courtesy of Shanty – my BFF)

17 Responses to “My Profile”

  1. Michael Says:

    I came across you by accident, I suppose. Basically because I too am I Kylie fan. I live in Los Angeles and even though I should be in bed by now, I was quite entertained by your site. I also see that you are into comics and X-MEN. Have you heard of Joe Casey? He has written for X-MEN as well as other DC/Marvel comics. My good buddy is actually working on Joe’s first film. You will have to check it out when it is released. It’s called HIT PARADE. Take care my friend, and send me a response if you’d like. I am always up to meeting new people. 🙂

  2. Luis Says:

    Well I foud your site because I was looking for a video named Boys (B.O.N.). Thanks you possed it in the web. I really would like have it, but al least, I could see it.

    I am from Costa Rica. Have a nice week, and if you can, send me the video, I will love it. By the way, I always enjoy meeting people.


  3. sean Says:

    hey there just wanted to say i really enjoy ur awsome blog……and all the awsome music links!!! totally my alley. by the way have u ever heard of a band called saint etienne? i think u would love them. total brit popish.
    keep up good work

  4. toonsntunes Says:

    sean – thanks for commenting! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog, and hope you keep coming back. let me know if there’s any music you’re looking for or anything I should talk about! Cheers!

  5. Jeff Says:

    Long-time Kylie lover here (again).

    Do you know any good sites to find rare music? Don’t laugh, but I’m looking for the remixes of Private Number by “The Jets”. All I can find is the single. I could buy the vinyl off ebay but don’t have a record player anymore.

    You’re probably a bit too young to remember The Jets 🙂

  6. sean Says:

    hey there,
    yeah ur blog is daily reading for me.
    as a point of interest have you ever read the comic book called the authority? just finished like 4 anthologies or somethin’ like dat! real good. a gay couple as part of the team.
    i do have a music request. any saint etienne remixes????
    if you havent heard them then you should definitely check out the song action and the remixes. but any other remixes posted would be so kool.

  7. heathen_boi Says:

    Just found your blog…LUV IT! I’m a huge Kylie fan as well!
    So glad to see another Kylie-maniac!


  8. Robert Jalube Says:

    Damn. You’re cute. Do you ever come out to the Palm Springs area? You will need to stay with me instead of a hotel if you do the White Party. We can pretend I am your room service attendant while you are staying with me. Seriously!

  9. donnie Says:

    Hey saw a review on a track that i love and was wondering if you had it on vinyl? Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody (Razor n guido remix)….. Contact me man i need to get info on this one.. thanks


  10. shannon Says:

    you’re 27, bitch. 🙂

  11. toonsntunes Says:

    thanks for reminding me about my aging process.

  12. I was just randomly jumping from blog to blog. Your blog is very interesting. Check out my blog out http://discovalante.wordpress.com and webpage http://www.discovalante.com

  13. Calvin Says:

    Would like my artist reviewed by you on your blog. Can we get that goin>>>>

  14. melroseboy2 Says:

    Do you ever respond to a simple complaint of a post made to your website without my knowledge and on my PC without my permission? Thank you in advance. I have had no reponse from WordPress.com

  15. Mike Says:

    Hey, I don’t know how the hell I made it to your site as I have been looking for Ethyl Meatplow video called Queenie, any idea how to find it? I liked your “100 things..” list. Live in DC myself.

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