August 2008


I love Intervention. I love Broadway. I love Kristin Chenoweth. Can you imagine Jeff or Candy busting out in song. That would be awesome!!

Amazing Spider-Man #569
Angel: Revelations #4
Avengers: Initiative #16
Black Panther #40
Catwoman #82
Kick-Ass #4
Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs #4
Marvel Comics Presents #12
Mighty Avengers #17
New Avengers #44
New Warriors #15
Runaways #1
Secret Invasion: Amazing Spider-Man #1
She-Hulk #32
Skaar #3
Ultimate X-Men #97
Wolverine #68
X-Force #6
X-Men Legacy #215

I try to space out talking about the same thing over and over again. However one of my new favorite musicians, Jay Brannan has posted a cute new video of his travels in UK to promote his excellent album, ‘goddamned’. Since I was just in London a few weeks ago, this video makes me all giddy. Plus he’s cute & funny. Maybe I’ll make him my imaginary boyfriend.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

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Slackerosity prevails!! A week and a half after I got back from London (AKA best Vacation ever) I had travel plans to visit my parents in Florida for a week. Another great getaway, but it seems like my life has been kinda dangling for the past month, between a week away, a week home, then a week away again. But it was totally worth it, obviously, and it may sound it, but I’m not complaining.

As usual, the blog suffered while I was out having a good time.

Get used to it though, as I’ve busied myself up with a full plate this fall. Along with work following it’s regular course of being pretty busy in every month except July & December, I’m taking Sociology online this semester, and that course starts this week. And since I’m notoriously good at balancing work and school (HA!), I’m finally returning to the community theatre stage here in Baltimore!

I haven’t been onstage (December 2005) since before I started the blog (June 2006), and only auditioned once about a year and a half ago to get back into it (didn’t get cast, not bitter tho). So now I’m appearing as Jason Chenier in the Baltimore premiere of ‘Take Me Out’. I’m pretty excited, I think my character is perfect for me, and I love the script. I’m stoked to be back into one of my hobbies, and hopefully the short rehearsal process will lend itself to me doing a decent job of juggling all the balls in my life. Heh… balls.

So that’s the catching up with toonsntunes portion of the blog today. Hopefully I’ll post regularly in the coming months. But you know… if I don’t… there’s plenty of other bloggers who do. Just stay away from Perez Hilton.

The newest (and probs last) from the ‘X’ album has finally been unleashed. Kylie looks fabulous as usual. It’s dizzying, stunning, and utterly plotless. It’s “The One”… love it love it love it love it.

I particularly dig the middle part with the 4 faces.

Jay Brannan & Margaret Cho have recorded a duet… sure to be setting the charts on fire any minute now!

Also, be sure to keep your eyes pealed for Margaret’s new reality show debuting on VH1 on Sunday, August 21st!!

Authority #1 Wildstorm is trying to revive this team once again. I’m betting on it sucking and I give up on this franchise altogether.
Avengers/Invaders #4
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 #17
Cable #6
Eternals #3
Hulk #5 Thor shows up to much around with the Red Hulk.
Invincible Iron Man #4 I’m really surprised by this series. It manages to brilliantly combine the magic of the movie with the continuity of the comics.
Patsy Walker: Hellcat #2 For those of you who miss Nextwave… get this book
Secret Invasion: Front Line #2
Spider Man Loves Mary Jane Season 2 #1 Terry Moore returns to Marvel to carry on the adventures of MJ in high school. Can’t wait!!
Terry Moore’s Echo #5 And T-Mo continues on his own indie book too…
Ultimate Origins #3

Picked up this single while I was in the UK. Really loving this guy. His album is on iTunes for $7.99. Go get it!!

Sam Sparro – 21st Century Life (Radio Edit)
Sam Sparro – No End In Sight (with Richard X)
Sam Sparro – 21st Century Life (DJ Mehdi Secret Disco Dub)

Tower Bridge

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I’ve returned from my amazing London vacation, and life is starting to get back to normal. I’ve been trying to decide how much I should blog about the trip, and I dunno if it’s bragging or sharing.

Briefly, my best friend ShantyTown and I arrived In London the morning of July 25th, and left in the afternoon on August 2nd.

In between our arrival and departure we:
-saw Kylie’s KylieX2008 Tour at the O2 Arena
-took a daytrip to Stonehenge, Bath, & Lacock
-toured the Tower of London with a real Beefeater
-sweated it out at the Portobello Road Market
-went to the Work! Party at Heaven
-were not allowed to take pictures in Westminster Abbey or St. Paul’s Cathedral
-ate amazing meals from several global cuisines
-bought way too much overpriced bottled water
-mastered the London Underground system
-gave up on the Bus system altogether
-never got fully drunk
-got $30 stolen from us by our housekeeper
-saw ‘Spamalot’ on the West End in the cheap seats… Funny show
-saw ‘Into The Hoods’ from 15th row. Unbelievable show!!
-took 3 cab rides
-walked more then we ever do at home
-decided that Buckingham Palace and Parliament were not worth the ticket fees and line time to tour
-bypassed all the families and only stood in line for 10 minutes to go on the London Eye

That’s the nutshell version. It was incredible and we had a blast. Now we just need to pay it off between credit cards and what not. Can’t wait to go back though!! Some pictures are added in my flikr stream!!

Favorite Unreleased Tracks!!
Kylie Minogue – No Better
Kylie Minogue – Trippin’ Me Up (Acoustic Version)
Kylie Minogue – Boombox (LA Riots Mix)