Cuz you will now!!

It’s like Amy Winehouse with a sense of humor, like Macy Gray without the freaky voice… it’s the new(ish) group Little Jackie. Little Jackie are producer Adam Pallin & front-woman Imani Coppola, who you may remember from a short-lived pop career in the late 90’s. Their debut album, “The Stoop” is due out tomorrow, & I for one am definitely going to be picking it up!

Not only are Little Jackie one of Billboard’s Top 10 Indie Artists, but their new single, ‘The World Should Revolve Around Me’ has been picked as the theme song to ‘New York Goes to Hollywood’ (which probably only impresses you if you have a gross fascination with VH1 “reality” TV. Like I do!).

Their sound is a blend of motown, hip-hop, funk, & pop; so be sure to pick up or download the album tomorrow, & here’s an mp3 to tide you over till then!!

Little Jackie – Crying For The Queen