I can’t f-ing wait. And here’s a great news story out of the UK!

Profane pupil gains marks for exam expletive
A student who scribbled an expletive on an English language exam paper was awarded 7.5% for accurate spelling & effective communication, according to The Times newspaper.
The pupil, who wrote “fuck off” after being asked in an English exam to “describe the room you are sitting in”, got 2 marks out of 27 & would have got more if he had added some punctuation, chief examiner Peter Buckroyd told The Times.
“It does show some very basic skills we are looking for – like conveying some meaning & some spelling,” said Buckroyd, who works for the Assessment & Qualifications Alliance examinations board. “It shows some nominal skills but no relevance to the task”.
“If it had had an exclamation mark it would have got a little bit more because it would have been showing a little bit of skill”.
According to The Times, to gain minimum marks in English GCSE papers pupils must demonstrate “some simple sequencing of ideas” & an ability to put “some words in appropriate order”.
(Reporting by Kate Kelland. Editing by Keith Weir. By Reuters updated 30.06.2008. msn.com)