June 2008

We’re all familiar with Kylie’s lovely little attempt at a US single, ‘All I See’, right? A cute song that could have been a hit if her record company knew fuck-all about promotion. Here’s a reminder:

So, then… what the FUCK is this?

I did a little research & the albums were released within a day of each other, so clearly the lazy producer recycled beats for both birds. Unfortunately, Sparks has the American Idol machine behind her, so you know her ca-ca will be a hit. I’m still partial to Kylie’s though!!

Usually solo material by an ex-Destiny’s Child is cause for a little ridicule. Especially when we’re talking Michelle Williams, the red-headed stepchild of the group. Her new single is pretty damn cute though. Check it out!

Michelle Williams – We Break The Dawn
Michelle Williams – We Break The Dawn (Maurice Joshua Radio Edit)
Michelle Williams – We Break The Dawn (Karmatronic Radio Edit)
Michelle Williams – Let’s Stay Together **Bonus – Her cover of the Al Green classic.
Michelle Williams – Hello Heartbreak ** Another track of her new CD!

Huge stack today. Dunno when I’m gonna read it all!?

Angel: Revelations #2 Gorgeous art. Better story then I expected!
Avengers: Initiative #14
Black Panther #37 Great to have the story back in Wakanda instead of outer space!!
Captain America #39 Cap clone vs Cap replacement!
Fantastic Four #558 Dr. Doom returns. Again.
Hulk #4
Marvel: 1985 #2 Promising new mini!
Marvel Comics Presents #10 I don’t think this bad boy is going past issue 12, but I could be wrong.
Mighty Avengers #15 Info on how Hank Pym came to be replaced by a Skrull.
Ms. Marvel #28 Carol vs. Super-Skrull. Woohoo!
New Avengers #42 This cover looks fantastic! Some manner of Invasion background.
New Warriors #13

Runaways #30 Finally. Whedon’s last issue. What a snooze he was on this title!
Secret History of The Authority: Hawksmoor #4
Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers #1
She-Hulk #30
Thor: Ages of Thunder – Reign of Blood
Ultimates 3 #4 Finally!
Uncanny X-Men #499 Setting the stage for the big issue #500 next month!!
Wolverine: First Class #4
X-Men: Legacy #213 The return of Gambit.
Young Avengers Presents #6

The BET Awards always straddle the line between lame & legendary, but Alicia Keys’ performance last night – reuniting (cuz it feels so good) many a 90’s R & B girl group – was effing incredible. Watch…

I was watching “Weeds” last night, and something finally set in. Hunter Parrish, who play the oldest son, is all growed up and looking DAMN hot now. See for yourself!

This is my friend Lily, hanging at my pool the other day. Not really. It’s international pop star, Lily Allen, hanging poolside in L.A. in between recording sessions for her new album. I was catching up with her news on her MySpace, and found out she’s also in the midst of a mini-battle with worthless douche-bag Perez Hilton. Apparently the fat fruit has pissed off one too many a popstar. Again. Either way, I love Lily & can’t wait for her new cd, AND she just let out a new demo called GWB (Fuck You Very Much). And it’s fantastic. Don’t believe me?

Lily Allen – GWB (Fuck You Very Much)

“Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.”

— Jane Austen

Work is calming down, so hopefully I can do a better job of keeping up with the blog while juggling summer school and London plans. We shall see. It’s hard to escape the calling of my pool though!!

… just hella busy. Sorry.

Here’s some surprising Kylie dance crew action though!!

Cyndi Lauper – Into The Nightlife
Walter Meego – If You Wanna be A Star
Kylie Minogue – The One (Freemasons Vocal Club Mix)
Rapture – No Sex For Ben
Toni Braxton – Maybe (HQ2 Radio Mix)
MC Lyte – Cold Rock A Party (Bad Boy Remix)
The Cure – Hot! Hot! Hot! (Extended Mix)
Lady GaGa – Just Dance
Cyndi Lauper – Change Of Heart (Accoutic 2005 Version)

Don’t forget which Marvel movies drops this weekend!!

(Clip from the MAN – Jimmy Kimmel)

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