Amazing Spider-Man #560 – More paparazzi Spidey action!
Avengers Classic #12 – The last issue of the walk down memory lane.
Avengers Initiative #13 – New team of new recruits!
Black Panther #36
Captain America #38
Catwoman #79 – OH no! This book is getting cancelled at the end of the summer! What a bummer!
Echo #3 – This series is excellent! I can only hope Terry Moore’s upcoming work for Marvel is as good as when he does his own thing!
Fantastic Four #557
Incredible Hercules #117 – And the Secret Invasion tie-ins continue!!
Mighty Avengers #14
Ultimate X-Men #94 – New creative team takes over… & gloss over the Kirkman issues.
X-Factor #31 – More Arcade vs. the team action!
X-Men: Divided We Stand #2 – Part 2 of a nice round-up of across the board mutant check-ins.