Avengers: Initiative #12 – The 1st class of the Initiative is either dead or graduating. Who goes where & who’s coming in next!?
Marvel Comics Presents #8 – Machine Man, Vanguard, & Weapon Omega stories continue, as Wolvie & Cyke have a 1-off adventure.
New Avengers #40 – How did the Skrulls infiltrate Earth? This issue allegedly tells us.
New Warriors #11 – I started picking it up again & the whole can we trust Night Thrasher story line is pretty good.
Order #10 – The end of the road for this series. Sales sucked… so we’ll see if anyone makes it out alive.
Thor: Ages of Thunder #1 – It’s like Thor cliff notes.
Ultimate X-Men #93 – Kirkman’s last issue… as Phoenix appears to try & stop Apocalypse – who will win?
X-Men Legacy #210 – Exodus squares off against Professor X. Can we just resolve this 1 already!?