Fierceness is the name of the game today.

This cover really does it for me. First off, the art by one of the greatest things to come out of comics in the 90’s — Jim Lee. His pencils are magical, when he can actually deliver on time! More so than that, the battle on the cover. Rogue vs. Ms. Marvel. They’re probably my 2 most favorite characters, & their paths are intertwined from way back when Rogue almost absorbed Ms. M’s entire life force years ago when Rogue was a villain. This cover plays up the mid-90’s pre-emo turmoil they had Rogue going through. AWESOME!

Mika vs. Armand Van Helden – Can’t Stand Losing You I’ve never been a big Police fan, but this cover is absolute genius. Mika’s vocal are good, and work the original into something fresh, without being totally unrecognizable. And then Armand takes over. And turns this track into 4 minutes of frantic dance insanity. Every time I work out this song is on blast on my iPod. Perfection!