Hulk #3 – A new non-dead Abomination comes along to confuse this new series even more.
Hulk vs Hercules #1 – 2 big strong guys throw the smackdown in this special.
Mighty Avengers #12 – Finally… the return of Nick Fury!!
Ms. Marvel #26 – What’s better then Ms. Marvel monthly? @ Ms. Marvel’s!!
She-Hulk #28 – Shulkie reflects on the past whilst moving into the future.
Thor #8 – Thor comes to grips with his role as Odin’s successor.
Uncanny X-Men #497 – The X-men are stuck in the 60’s. Bummer.
X-Force #3 – The most action of any X-title this month!
Wolverine: First Class #2 – Flashback to before he iced Sabretooth, a story about Wolvie’s B-day!
Young Avengers Presents #4 – Young Vision reaches out to Stature.