Amazing Spider-Man #557 – The conclusion of the bizarre snow story. The art has been awesome!
Avengers Classic #11 – Spidey comes to visit the old skool Avengers.
Avengers: Initiative #11 – Who lives? Who dies? Who’s a Skrull?
Captain America #37 – The Red Skull is up to no good, and Cap’s baby mama saw something dangerous.
Captain Marvel #5 – Why is the formerly dead Captain Marvel here? This issue clues us in!
Catwoman #78 – Selina gets off that screwy villain planet!
Incredible Hercules #116 – Herc gets to tussle with the Eternals now!
X-Factor #30 – Everything sucks for X-Factor right now. So what better time for a fight with Arcade. Game on!
X-Men: Divided We Stand #1 – What’s going on with the mutants who aren’t on a specific team right now? This 2-parter should fill us in.