Udon\'s bangin\' cover to Deadpool (Vol 2) #67, featuring the Dazzler!
New feature!! Saturday I’ll be talking about my favorite covers. And combining my love/obsession with music and comics into one post. So I’ll show off one of my favorite comic covers, and then share with you one or two of my favorite cover songs. How fun!? Our first cover is from a few years back and features motormouth Deadpool pursuing the camp-tastic Dazzler… on skates!

Bjork & PJ Harvey – Satisfaction (Live)
An awesome collaboration between 2 of the most bad ass ladies in modern music. It’s a bout 10 years old now, but they still tear this one up!
Blue – Get Down On It (Ft Lil’ Kim)
And a fun pop cover of the Kool & The Gang classic by some UK boyband that has probably broken up at this point plus some raps from Lil’ Kim. ANd you know how much I love her!!