Amazing Spider-Man #555 – Wolverine & Chris Bachalo join in on the Brand New Day!!
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 #13 – Still not caught up!
Cable #2 – Guess who’s not dead. Bishop!
Kick-Ass #2 – Not a bad start. Realism in comics!? Whodathunk!?
Midnighter #18 – I think there were 20 words total last issue. We’ll see if they’re more chatty this month.
New Exiles #4 – This is probably the end of the road for me. The first arc gets resolved… and it was pretty sucky actually.
Omega The Unknown #7 – Crazy read. But good!
Secret Invasion #1 – The big crossover officially starts here!
Young Avengers Presents #3 – More info on the gay Young Avenger and his speedy brother.
Young X-Men #1 – The New X-Men class gets recycled into a new team with a new mission.