April 2008

Avengers: Initiative #12 – The 1st class of the Initiative is either dead or graduating. Who goes where & who’s coming in next!?
Marvel Comics Presents #8 – Machine Man, Vanguard, & Weapon Omega stories continue, as Wolvie & Cyke have a 1-off adventure.
New Avengers #40 – How did the Skrulls infiltrate Earth? This issue allegedly tells us.
New Warriors #11 – I started picking it up again & the whole can we trust Night Thrasher story line is pretty good.
Order #10 – The end of the road for this series. Sales sucked… so we’ll see if anyone makes it out alive.
Thor: Ages of Thunder #1 – It’s like Thor cliff notes.
Ultimate X-Men #93 – Kirkman’s last issue… as Phoenix appears to try & stop Apocalypse – who will win?
X-Men Legacy #210 – Exodus squares off against Professor X. Can we just resolve this 1 already!?

Sam Sparro – Black & Gold (Al Usher Radio Edit)
Aaliyah – One In A Million (Armand Van Helden Drum & Bass Mix)
Peter Presta – House of Whore (2008 Tribal Party Mix)
Mariah Carey – Say Somethin’ (Morales Stereo Radio Mix)
Madonna – Nobody Knows Me (Re-Invention Studio Version)
Avant Garde – Get Down (Again) Johnny Crockett Remix Edit)
Moloko – The Time Is Now (Can 7 Soulfood Mix)
Danity Kane – Sucka For Love

If you have a cat as a pet, most of this will be funny!

Fierceness is the name of the game today.

This cover really does it for me. First off, the art by one of the greatest things to come out of comics in the 90’s — Jim Lee. His pencils are magical, when he can actually deliver on time! More so than that, the battle on the cover. Rogue vs. Ms. Marvel. They’re probably my 2 most favorite characters, & their paths are intertwined from way back when Rogue almost absorbed Ms. M’s entire life force years ago when Rogue was a villain. This cover plays up the mid-90’s pre-emo turmoil they had Rogue going through. AWESOME!

Mika vs. Armand Van Helden – Can’t Stand Losing You I’ve never been a big Police fan, but this cover is absolute genius. Mika’s vocal are good, and work the original into something fresh, without being totally unrecognizable. And then Armand takes over. And turns this track into 4 minutes of frantic dance insanity. Every time I work out this song is on blast on my iPod. Perfection!

My new feature of the week pays tribute to 1 of the cheesiest periods of my history. My addiction to bubble gum pop music of the late 90s and early 00s. I loved them all so much & except for Justin Timberlake, where are any of them now!? Either way… here’s some memories!!

N*Sync – It Makes Me Ill – One of there more silly album cuts. And it probably echoes some of your feelings about even thinking about the bubble gum pop of the past decade.
N*Sync – Gone (Clubbin’ QB Edit) – Who knew the boys could successfully jump on a short lived dance trend out of the UK. God I miss 2step!!

And PS I LOVE the self-loving beat box outro of the video. Why? Because it’s either a total swipe or an homage to the incredible Deee-Lite ‘Groove Is In The Heart’ video.

What with Kylie flip flopping her singles for different regions, it’s only fair that they switch back. On May 5th, UK & OZ will get ‘In My Arms’, & Europe will get ‘Wow’ as singles. The Greg Kurstin Remix (allegedly the remix played on ‘The Kylie Show’) of ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’ will be the b-side, & new mixes of ‘In My Arms’ have been commissioned. The US will still try & breathe life into ‘All I See’. Don’t expect a lot of promo tho, as Kylie is under 2 weeks away from launching the new tour in Paris! What’s next for single release? Unreleased remixes exist for ‘The One’ & ‘Heartbeat Rock’, so only time will tell when & what the next single will be!

Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out of My Head (Live on The Kylie Show)
Kylie Minogue – In My Arms (Pitron & Sanna QB Edit)

I mean, if anyone knows about lubrication… it’s Batman!

Today I’m reminiscing on Hole. Courtney Love is basically bat shit crazy now, and looking more like Michael Jackson everyday. However way back in the late 90’s her old band released one of the most rocking songs to clock in under 3 minutes long.

Hole – Celebrity Skin

Hulk #3 – A new non-dead Abomination comes along to confuse this new series even more.
Hulk vs Hercules #1 – 2 big strong guys throw the smackdown in this special.
Mighty Avengers #12 – Finally… the return of Nick Fury!!
Ms. Marvel #26 – What’s better then Ms. Marvel monthly? @ Ms. Marvel’s!!
She-Hulk #28 – Shulkie reflects on the past whilst moving into the future.
Thor #8 – Thor comes to grips with his role as Odin’s successor.
Uncanny X-Men #497 – The X-men are stuck in the 60’s. Bummer.
X-Force #3 – The most action of any X-title this month!
Wolverine: First Class #2 – Flashback to before he iced Sabretooth, a story about Wolvie’s B-day!
Young Avengers Presents #4 – Young Vision reaches out to Stature.

I just found a remix of Cyndi’s that I’ve been looking for for forever from 1 of my new favorite music blogs MusicSource, and I chopped it up to share with y’all. They also have a bunch of leaks from her new album & I can’t wait till it drops next month. And hopefully I’ll win some tix to the True Colors tour!!

Cyndi Lauper – Higher Plane (Eddie X QB Edit)
And here’s some other dope Cyndi links from MusicSource for ya…
Cyndi Lauper – Come On Home (7″ Mix)
Cyndi Lauper – That’s What I Think (Remix)
Cyndi Lauper – Shine (Babylon Remix)

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