I’ve been working for the past couple weeks to get my hundreds of mp3 data discs organized and I’m not even close to finished. But I’ve unearthed a shit ton of forgotten gems. And guess what. I’m gonna share ’em with you all, now that I’m back from the dead!

To start us off – Mariah Carey. My feelings on Mariah are mixed. Sometimes I think she’s an overrated harpy with way too much crazy going on. Other times, her music transcends all the BS & her talent is apparent (Fantasy or most of her first 2 albums). Today’s track is 1 of her finer moments. To start off the Divas Live show (remember those!?) in 2000, Mariah did a live mash-up (before they were cool) of her single Heartbreaker to the music of Diana Ross’ classic tune Love Hangover. The result is amazing. Heartbreaker is 1 of Mariah’s better tunes, & Love Hangover is simply 1 of the slickest grooves of any dance or pop song ever. The video is a little wonky (too much focus on Mariah & not enough on her badass dancers) but the music is excellent. Enjoy!

Mariah Carey – Love Hangover/Heartbreaker (Divas Live 2000)