Well, I’ll give the US branch of her record label this… They know how to keep us guessing!!

It appears that the powers that be have finally settled on a lead single from the ‘X’ project for the US. The upside, it finally looks like they’re going to do something with my girl stateside, the down side, they rented a rapper to do it. After 3 other singles worldwide, Capitol US have decided the single to launch the album is not ‘2 Hearts’ like the rest of the world, or ‘Wow’ or ‘In My Arms’, the current singles in different parts of the worlds. And they’re not even going for “Speakerphone” which many fans feel is the best choice for the US. What did they pick?
Kylie Minogue – All I See (US Radio Mix ft Mims)

Yup, Capitol snagged the only person to make them any money last year to try and beef up the airplay for a huge international superstar. Sure Mims might be a one hit wonder, but at this point, anything that will get Kylie on the radio. I want her to be successful here. I want people to buy her CD. I want more of her music on the radio. And if any song is gonna do it, it’s probably this one. And who can tell what will happen next?