3 more superheroes have been added to X-Men Origins: Wolverine!!
Ryan Reynolds is set to play Deadpool, “Friday Night Lights” regular Taylor Kitsch to star as Gambit & hip-hop artist will.i.am joining the cast as John Wraith.
Liev Schreiber, Danny Huston & Lynn Collins have already been cast as Victor Creed/Sabretooth, Col. William Stryker & Kayla Silver Fox, respectively.
In a move that should please audiences and fans a like, Marvel has been eyeing the possibility of casting Reynolds as Deadpool, an assassin with self-healing powers, for some time with the idea of spinning off the character into his own film series. Fox & Marvel have also long wanted to add the card-throwing character of Gambit to the “X-Men” franchise but could never find a way to give him enough screen time among the many other mutants that have appeared in each film.

SO it looks like this isn’t as much of a Wolverine solo flick, but rather a Weapon X program movie, showing how a bunch of spies were tinkered with by scientists. Will.i.am is playing what appears to be a new character. Can’t wait for this show to go down in May 2009!!