Amazing Spider-Man #551 – More fun continues as Spidey squares off with the po-po, Menace, and gets sued.
Avengers Classic #9 – The debut of Wonder Man, back when he was a bad guy!
Cable & Deadpool #50 – The end of an era, as Cable returns from the dead, the team-up with Cable ends. Alegedly, Deadpool will return in his own book later this year.
Catwoman #76 – Just when i think this book is lagging, something cool happens like Selina getting booted to an Exile planet full of DC’s villains.
Hulk #2 – Apparently Red Hulk is finally showing up, to kick some Iron Man Ass. But who is this new Hulk?
Incredible Hercules #114 – Apparently Amadeus Cho is banking on Hercules going apeshit and destroying SHIELD. Don’t see that happening really.
Mighty Avengers #9 – Symbiotes attack New York, so what to the Avengers do, declare war on Latveria, to have a fight with Dr. Doom. Ooh!!
The Order #8 – After a fight with Namor didn’t boost sales (shocking), the Order is on it’s way to being shit-canned in 2 issues.
Runaways #29 – Remember this book. Some dude named Joss Whedon took over, and it’s shipping hasn’t been right since.
Ultimate X-Men #91 – Ultimate Apocalypse is on the scene, and just what will he do differently from his regular counterpart? I think Sinister killed Angel last issue, so could an Ultimate Archangel be far away?
Ultimates 3 #3 – Still not caught up on this, but the art looks amazing!!