Will Smith is probably a surprising choice. But actually he fits the bill on both choices for hottie of the week. He’s had a pretty successful recording career, plus a booming movie career, which included roles in the Men in Black films, which were adapted from comics. While he is kind of cheesy, he gets hotter as he get older, and as the workout scene in ‘I Am Legend’ proved… Mr. Smith is smokin’ hot.
While his movie have ranged from allegedly good (Pursuit of Happyness) to actually good (Six Degrees of Separation) to popcorn (I Robot/Bad Boys), his career doesn’t show any signs of slowing. His music career fell to the wayside, but he debuted as the Fresh Prince of the rap scene, and made hits through most of the 90’s, shooting for family friendly rap, which is a rarity. Anyway… he’s hot. So check him out!
Will Smith & Lil’ Kim – Da Butta
Will Smith – Summertime (Hybrid QB Edit)
Will Smith vs The Zutons – Switch Signs (DJ Master One Mash-Up)
Will Smith – Miami
Will Smith – Parents Just Don’t Understand
Oh. And he gets NSFW in a few movies.