New album by the Supreme Beings of Leisure came out this week. I dug some of their singles in the past, but this was the first whole she-bang I’ve heard by them. My verdict… I’m definitely gonna fuck to this cd. And listen to for other things about the house. Not a dance stomper, but a decent electronic sound-fest.

Supreme Beings of Leisure – This World

Ramin Sakurai & Geri Soriano-Lightwood, the guiding forces behind the Supreme Beings of Leisure have grown wiser with age & experience, as evidence on this, their 3rd album. They mark a seductive & profoundly reflective return to the scene with their new album, 11i. The album’s title alludes to the duo’s mutual fascination with the number 11 – the disc has 11 tracks (as does every Supreme Beings recording), and as Geri says, “Ramin & I were both born on ‘11’ days.” The lush flow of the album’s opening track, “The Light,” obscures a darker reality. Other songs expand on themes of self-realization & catharsis. “Swallow” builds slowly over Sakurai’s hypnotic layers of synthesized pulses, which drift by like smoke as a mid-tempo groove asserts itself & Soriano-Lightwood introduces the melody, its lyrics swirl around someone who is too busy self-medicating to find themselves. The richly textured soundscapes resonate with a sensual undertow that pulls you slowly beneath the surface – where there is much to discover.