Amazing Spider-Man #550 – Another goblin? Another redhead? Another issue for the reset Spidey!!
Black Panther #34 – The cover for this issue is fierce. The dimensionally challenged Fantastic Four battle their way through a gangster Skrull world.
Captain Marvel #3 – Some more Secret Invasion tidbits. And some more Marvel-iscious ass whooping.
Fantastic Four #554 – A new creative team takes over with this issue. Who cares? Well it is the team that made ‘The Ultimates’ the bad-ass comic book that it is today. So perhaps you should take notice!!
Marvel Comics Presents #6 – This issue features a Cap story along with the continuing sagas of Weapon Omega, Vanguard, and now Ka-Zar!
New Avengers #38 – Could it be? Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are breaking up? Is Jessica really going to register to protect her baby? This issue fills us in!
New Exiles #2 – This book didn’t suck as much as it could, and didn’t blow me away either. I love thartist, so they at least have my attention through the first arc. After that, I guarantee nothing.
Wolverine #62 – A ‘Divided We Stand’ tie-in. Apparently Wolverine is off on his own little tangent to try and kill Mystique once and for all.
X-Factor #28 – A new direction for the team, as Layla is apparently dead, Madrox is shaken up from his time travel, and Wolfsbane leaves the team. My oh my!
X-Force #1 – A new team led by that under-used Wolverine dude, who will do the dirty work that the X-Men won’t do. Don’t expect it to be much like the wonderful X-Force series from the 90’s.