February 2008


Ah… how I love the Twisted Toyfare Theatre!!

OK. So I’m not KT Tunstall’s biggest fan, but her people have set up a cool little web apparatus for fun, & to promote her new cd. (Which incidentally is not bad)

Ladies & Gentlemen, you can now write your own web comic!!

KT Tunstall’s ‘Drastic Fantastic’ Comic!!

The drawings are done, just fill in your own words. Is KT into comics? I dunno, but I sure am, and this was a fun way to preview her new CD and kill some downtime at work. Enjoy!!

Black Panther Annual #1 – A future tale of Wakanda becoming a major World power, and T’Challa preparing the next Black Panther to take over. And a bitchin’ cover from Juan Doe!!
Captain America #35 – As the new Cap gets used to everything the Red Skull steps up his nafarious new plans. Natch!
Freddy vs Jason vs Ash #5 – More horrifying ass whooping as this excellent mini works towards it conclusion.
House of M: Avengers #5 – The conclusion to this rougher alternate reality Avengers tale. Maybe now we will see how it ties into the proper House of M mini-series.
Kick Ass #1 – A mature readers title about a more realistic view of super-heroes. Expect vulgarity grossness and hilarity to ensue!
Marvel Zombies 2 #5 – The fate of what’s left of the human race hangs in the balance as the Civil War between the Marvel Zombies comes to its shattering & sickening conclusion!
She-Hulk 2 #26 – So a Skrull, a She-HUlk, and a mysterious are going to duke it out and see if Shulkie will go back to her heroic ways. Recent issues of other books would lead us to belive that she does!
Thor #6 – The first arc of the new Thor finishes up. And after we met a female Loki last issue… who knows what could be next!
X-Men Legends #208 – Following Messiah CompleX this books takes off in a new direction, and will probably let us know if Professor X is really dead or not. If Smallville and X-Men have taught me anything, gunshots to the head don’t kill bald dudes!
Young Avengers Presents #2 – Expect some hints to Secret Invasion to crop up here, since Hulking is part Kree & part Skrull… and maybe some appearances by his boyfriend. That’s right kids… he’s gay too – and dating Wiccan!!

Well, I’ll give the US branch of her record label this… They know how to keep us guessing!!

It appears that the powers that be have finally settled on a lead single from the ‘X’ project for the US. The upside, it finally looks like they’re going to do something with my girl stateside, the down side, they rented a rapper to do it. After 3 other singles worldwide, Capitol US have decided the single to launch the album is not ‘2 Hearts’ like the rest of the world, or ‘Wow’ or ‘In My Arms’, the current singles in different parts of the worlds. And they’re not even going for “Speakerphone” which many fans feel is the best choice for the US. What did they pick?
Kylie Minogue – All I See (US Radio Mix ft Mims)

Yup, Capitol snagged the only person to make them any money last year to try and beef up the airplay for a huge international superstar. Sure Mims might be a one hit wonder, but at this point, anything that will get Kylie on the radio. I want her to be successful here. I want people to buy her CD. I want more of her music on the radio. And if any song is gonna do it, it’s probably this one. And who can tell what will happen next?


Today I finally start mining the fields of Buffy’s mens. Since the excellent TV series has also spawned a popular comic series, I figure all the hotties that have ever appeared on the show are fair game! So let’s start with Buffy’s own version of Mr. Big — Angel who was played by David Boreanaz.
David was so popular on Buffy that he got his own spin-off for a few seasons, and is currently looking sexy on the un-Buffy series ‘Bones’. There’s even been a few ‘Angel’ comic book series.
Sorry boys, he’s married with kids, but he’s still pretty effing hot!
And he got a little NSFW in one of his movie roles.

“Strangely, although music is something to listen to, I think music listens back because there is no judgements. A kid can find something he identifies with. Or an adult. Here’s a place you can go to where there’s no judgements. There’s not someone telling you what to believe in.”
— Marilyn Manson


Moby – Disco Lies
Lo-Fi Fnk – Wake Up (Beckster Remix)
Alicia Keys – Like You’ll Never See Me Again (Remix ft Ludacris)
Aqua – Barbie Girl
Yoav – Club Thing (Aaron LaCrate Remix)
Simon & Garfunkel – Cecilia (Silent Partner Bmore Remix)
Kurtis Mantronik & Kellie Marie Smith – I Can’t Wait (Radio Edit)
Dannii Minogue – Don’t Wanna Lose this Feeling (Jewels & Stone 7” Mix)
Sheryl Crow – Love Is Free


It’s Raining Men. (Weather Girls)
Take Your Shirts Off (Johnny Vicious & Lula)

I been trying to save up some space on my ipod, so I’ve shaved down a few of the longer mixes on there. And I’m sharing them with y’all!!

MIKA – Big Girl (Tom Middleton QB Edit)
Nelly Furtado – No Hay Igual (Alejandro Perez QB Edit)
Calvin Harris – Merrymaking At My Place (Deadmau5 QB Edit)
Lily Allen – LDN (South Rakkas QB Edit)

Kylie Minogue awarded Best International Female Brit Award!!!

That’s right kids, even though she was up against Alicia Keys, Bjork, Rihanna, & Feist, Kylie brough home her 3rd Brit Award. She was also on hand to present Macca with his Lifetime Achievement Award.

And while she was there she turned in a decent performance of new single – ‘Wow’.

Though not her most groundbreaking performance ever, it’s great to see Kylie having a great time dancing about with Daft Punk’s back-up dancers. And it also fills me with memories of her amazing Brits mash-up from years ago…

Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get Blue Monday Out of My Head
Kylie Minogue – Wow (CSS Mix)

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