Avengers Initiative #9 – Someone is gonna bite it. After last month’s addition of the Taskmaster & the new Ant-Man, this series just keeps getting better & better!!
Captain America #34 – The new Cap debuts here. Is it Bucky? Probably.
Captain America: The Chosen #6 – A non-sucky war story. Imagine that. In a more surprising move, could the dude from this mini-series be the new Cap? We’ll see…
Fantastic Four #553 – The conclusion to a rather dull-arc about the FF from the future coming back to shed light on Reed’s master plan from Civil War. Time to tidy things up for the new creative team to take over this lagging title!!
House of M: Avengers #4 – More characters show up to join in the anti-Magneto agenda in the House of M reality.
Mighty Avengers #8 – Spider-Woman has joined up in time to tackle a massive symbiote take-over of New York. Plus, some ass-kicking wih the New Avengers too. Fun!
New Avengers Annual #2 – This annual promises to tie up some loose ends dangling from Civil War and World War Hulk, plus get ‘er ready for Secret Invasion. Plus some line-up shake-ups!
Ultimate X-Men #90 – Sinister appears to be back from the dead as we gear up for the return (debut?) of Ultimate Apocalypse.
What If… Spider-Man vs. Wolverine – Wouldn’t it be fun to watch some 80’s Wolvie versus Spidey action!? I think so.
X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #5 – Summers vs. Summers. This one should decide the fate of the X-Men in space, plus the Shi’Ar empire.