Amazing Spider-Man #547 – I’m diggin Spidey coming out 3 times a month. I’m still confused with the whole Mary Jane erasure, but it’s also exciting to have a story that’s not taking a year to be told.
Astonishing X-Men #24 – This is it. The end of Joss Whedon’s run. Well… except for the Giant size one shot coming out next month. I wonder if the story is gonna end here for real, or get drug out into next month. I predict Kitty Pryde is going to die though. Why? She has been totally absent from Messiah CompleX,that’s why!
Authority Prime #4 – This series has been a surprising balance of ass-kicking & plot development. More fun then I was expecting, really!
Freddy vs. Jason. vs. Ash #4 – A fun mini-series, full of horror, gore, & comedy. Freddy is preparing to go after Ash now. Woohoo!!
Marvel Zombies 2 #4 – The two Zombie factions are gearing up to tear each other apart. Only 2 more issues to see what happens in this go-round.
The Order #7 – Finally, some other key Marvel figures show up in this book. Plus shocking revelations!
She-Hulk 2 #25 – More fun bounty hunting action in this double-sized cash-in… er… anniversary issue.
Ultimates 3 #2 – More ferocious art & scintillating story!!
World War Hulk: Damage Control #1 – This mini-series fills us in on just how SHIELD got NYC cleaned up so fast after the Hulk almost leveled it. Only in the comics my friends!
X-Men #207 – This. Is. It. The end of Messiah CompleX, and I’m frothing at the mouth to find out where it ends up!
Young Avengers Presents #1 – How excited am I that Marvel is FINALLY revisiting the almost forgotten team of young superheroes!? Each issue of this mini-series will spotlight a different creative team focusing on a different team member. This issue – Patriot!!