Lots of unofficial things going on lately. Here’s the rumors:
– Kylie is said to be playing the huge Coachella music festival in California this summer.
– Kylie, along with several other labelmates including Robbie Williams & Coldplay, are leaving EMI Records.
– ‘Wow’ is to be the next single in the UK, while the rest of Europe will get ‘In My Arms’, and ‘Speakerphone’ is to be the lead single in the US.
– KylieX2008 tour is to be heavy on the newies and light on the oldies.
Remember, none of these are 100% confirmed. But some do sound fun, no?
Also out are some fun bootleg remixes!

Kylie Minogue – Boombox (LA Riots Mix)
Kylie Minogue – The One (Times Two Radio Mix)
Kylie Minogue – Nu-Di-Ty (Bass Ill Euro Mix)