Amazing Spider-Man #546 – Here it is – the start of Spider-Man’s life with Mary Jane erased from it. Plus, Spidey’s adventures have been consolidated into one book that comes out 3 times a month. Exciting!
Hulk #1 – Why has the Hulk turned red? And what’s been going on since the World War Hulk ended?
Mighty Avengers #7 – Mark Bagley hops on the book’s art duties to start up a storyline about a Venom symbiote virus that hits New York City. And turns every living being (dogs & people alike) into Venoms.
Onslaught Reborn #5 – They finally end this mini-series. I can’t believe it took a year to crank out 5 issues. Even though I detest the artist on this book, the story has been decent so far. We’ll see how they conclude it!
X-Factor #26 – Now, the not-dead Cable is mysteriously teaming up with Professor X. For what reason? And with only 3 chapters left, I’m really curious to see how this all turns out. Oh, & expect a not-dead Magneto to pop up somewhere soon, as he’s appearing in ‘X-Men: Legacy’ starting in March.