In a recent issue of Spin Magazine, it was said that Image Comics is planning to publish ‘Tori Amos’ Comic Book Tattoo‘, a 400+ page anthology of comic stories based on songs created by 1 of my favorite ladies — Tori Amos. All of the creators has not been revealed yet, but some names involved are Chris Arrant, Colleen Doran, Star St. Germain, Derek McCulloch, Lea Hernandez, Neil Kleid, Leah Moore, John Reppion, Hope Larson & Pia Guerra. The graphic novel will be edited byt long-time friend of Tori – Rants Hoseley, who was the guy who introduced Tori to comics many years ago, when she became a ‘Sandman’ junkie, leading to her friendship with ‘Sandman’ creator, and literary pimp, Neil Gaiman. No word yet on if Neil will be involved, but it wouldn’t be a surprise!

They are hoping to release the book this summer, around the time of the San Diego Comic-Con. Tori really is becoming the goddess of all sorts of geeks!

The picture at the top is not from the anthology but from Herb Leonard, who has some excellent paintings of Tori and several celebrities.

BTW, the title of the anthology comes from the awesome b-side ‘Flying Dutchman’. Enjoy!!
Tori Amos – Flying Dutchman (Alt. Mix)
Tori Amos – Flying Dutchman (live)
Oh how I love when my interested get combined. Now if only I could get a ‘Veronica Mars’ comic book!!