After a low-key intro to 2008, life is back to pseudo-normal with work back in full swing, & the next semester of school starting just around the corner. After a rocky start, 2007 became an awesome year full of surprises around every corner. In a nutshell, 2007 saw me:
-end a 2.5 year relationship & enjoy all the crappy break-up stuff!
-work the Drama League Awards in NYC, & see 1 of the best theatre experiences ever: ‘Coram Boy’!
-return to college after dropping out 7 years ago & maintain a 4.0 average upon my return!
-buy my first house, a condo in Baltimore city!-leave the US for the first time ever to go to Mexico!
-get a promotion at work!

So it was an eventful year, & I can’t wait for 2008 & all it has in store (which so far includes a trip to London to see Kylie Minogue, another trip to Mexico, & more weekend trips then you can shake a stick at).
So thanks for keeping up with the blog. It’s been fun to do, & I’m pleased that so many people keep coming by. The new year offers some fun new things (like video blogging thanks to a sweet X-mas present from my BFF, shantytown)!
So….. welcome to 2008 y’all. Hope you have a fun time!!!!
xo, Robbie