January 2008

defenders-89-panel-2.jpgThis is from issue 89 of the Defenders, that came out the month I was born. Can you find the profanity that slipped past the comics code?

It’s almost the anniversary of Janet’s best SuperBowl halftime show ever! Let’s celebrate with the mixes for her new single – Feedback. I just got the remix promo. 3 official edits, & some other remixes that I’ll trim down & post tomorrow or Saturday.

Janet Jackson – Feedback (Ralphi & Craig J Electro Shock Radio Mix)
Janet Jackson – Feedback (Moto Blanco Radio Edit)
Janet Jackson – Feedback (Ralphi Rosario Dirty Sexy Radio Edit)

Life has been chaotic like Britney & Kevin lately between work being crazy busy and a new semester starting up, where I’m taking 2 classes instead of just 1. I’m trying to find the groove of balancing work & school and still enjoying life a little. Hopefully it’ll be banged out in a week or so and I’ll feel more in control and less overwhelmed. So that’s kind of why the blog has been a little lax the past week or so. I’m trying to think up somenew things to try out. But today… just a silly little meme thing.

I snagged this one from ModFab, who I love & miss (come down to Bmore homeslice!! I’m too broke to come to NY!). Mr. ModFab made an interesting declaration of how many of us bloggers are not sharing the link love, and I am quite guilty of this. I’ll try & do better. So be sure to check out the MF blog which I linked to above and here. He’s smart and funny. Great combo!!

THE ABC’s of toonsNtunes
A – Age: 27
B – Band listening to right now: Janet Jackson… just snagged the remixes… will post later 🙂
C – Career future: more money more power and less shit from these people.
D – Dad’s name: Bob (Robert… I’m named after him)
E – Easiest person to talk to: Shannon
F – Favorite type of shoe: flip-flops
G – Grapes or Grapefruit: hmm… grapefruit… cause I also like the smell
H – Hometown: Maryland… between divorce and money issues… I grew up all over!
I – Instrumental talent: since the skin flute would be too obvious… let’s just say last night I played your mom like a fiddle.
J – Juice of choice: too much calories & sugar… I’d rather just eat the fruit
K – Koala Bear or Panda Bear: Panda… they’re so cute… until they bite your face off
L – Longest car ride ever: technically the ride from DC to Cape Canaveral, FL… mentally… the “party van” from Phoenix, AZ to Puerto Penasco. Oy.
M – Middle name: Evans – it’s a family name
N – Number of jobs you’ve had: 10. 2 retail jobs. 3 office jobs. Worked in a bank, waited tables, & even got paid to work in theatre a time or two
O – OCD traits: The organization I put into my comic book collection.
P – Phobias: snakes… I’m totally mortified
Q – Quote: “I don’t try to be a sex bomb. I am one.” – Kylie Minogue
R – Reason to smile: action figures
S – Song you sang last: ‘One Way or Another’ by Blondie at Karaoke at Central a few weeks ago

T – Time you wake up: 7:30am most weekdays, 10ish on weekends
U – Unknown fact about me: I secretly think Ben Affleck is kinda hot.
V – Vegetable you hate: cabbage – it’s boring.
W – Worst habit: time management
X – X-rays you’ve had: not many… i think just dental ones
Y – Yummiest food my belly likes: cheeseburgers
Z – Zodiac sign: Scorpio


Avengers Initiative #9 – Someone is gonna bite it. After last month’s addition of the Taskmaster & the new Ant-Man, this series just keeps getting better & better!!
Captain America #34 – The new Cap debuts here. Is it Bucky? Probably.
Captain America: The Chosen #6 – A non-sucky war story. Imagine that. In a more surprising move, could the dude from this mini-series be the new Cap? We’ll see…
Fantastic Four #553 – The conclusion to a rather dull-arc about the FF from the future coming back to shed light on Reed’s master plan from Civil War. Time to tidy things up for the new creative team to take over this lagging title!!
House of M: Avengers #4 – More characters show up to join in the anti-Magneto agenda in the House of M reality.
Mighty Avengers #8 – Spider-Woman has joined up in time to tackle a massive symbiote take-over of New York. Plus, some ass-kicking wih the New Avengers too. Fun!
New Avengers Annual #2 – This annual promises to tie up some loose ends dangling from Civil War and World War Hulk, plus get ‘er ready for Secret Invasion. Plus some line-up shake-ups!
Ultimate X-Men #90 – Sinister appears to be back from the dead as we gear up for the return (debut?) of Ultimate Apocalypse.
What If… Spider-Man vs. Wolverine – Wouldn’t it be fun to watch some 80’s Wolvie versus Spidey action!? I think so.
X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #5 – Summers vs. Summers. This one should decide the fate of the X-Men in space, plus the Shi’Ar empire.


The new videos are out.

Wow is right!! One of the best videos I’ve seen in a while. Janet could learn a lot from watching some Kylie videos. The look of this video and the choreography are sublime!!

Kylie. I bow at your alter, and I am not worthy.

Kylie performed new European single ‘In My Arms’ recently at the NRJ Awards. Her live performances of the new material are truly stunning. The dancing is on point, and the costumes great. Go Kylie!!

Oh… and the remix fairy may have dropped off some of the new remixes.

Kylie Minogue – In My Arms (Sebastien Leger QB Edit)
Kylie Minogue – In My Arms (Chris Lake QB Edit)
Kylie Minogue – In My Arms (Spitzer Radio Edit)

“I pray to be like the ocean, with soft currents, maybe waves at times. More and more, I want the consistency rather than the highs and the lows.”

— Drew Barrymore

Hey folks. No posting this weekend. I’m visiting my parents in Florida with my best friend Shantytown, and work has been murder lately. Too busy for me to properly get some posts written in advance. I’ll be back on the regular on Tuesday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

(To those in the chilly North, don’t think about me sitting on a beach. Drinking a cocktail. That would just make you jealous.)

I just can’t pick which boner pun to use!!!


Me likey.

Kanye West – Stronger (A-Trak Remix)

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