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Amazing Spider-Man #545 – The end is here. Does Aunt May bite it, or to Pete and MJ break up? What deal does Spidey strike with Mephisto!?
Authority Prime #3 – More ass whooping and explosions.
Avengers Initiative #8 – So much stuff building in this book.
Black Panther #33 – Um… a story line getting drug out past the point of interest… typical…
Brave & The Bold #9 – When will all the heores figure out who is behind all the bad things happening?
Captain America #33 – Just a month away from a new Cap debuting!
Captain Marvel #2 – Captain Marvel Meets my favorite non-mutant — Ms. Marvel!
Freddy vs Jason vs Ash #2 – This one is surprisingly well done… it’s hard to get a comic to go like a horror movie, but this one did.
Giant Size Avengers Special #1 – Lots of Avengers stuff!!
House of M: Avengers #3 – Where was the Punisher in the House of M? Look no further!
Marvel Zombies 2 #3 – So even more people are zombi-fying and Spider-Man is regretting his ways!
New Warriors #7 – Not broken up, where does the team go now?
Thor #5 – Could we see the return of Loki? Maybe? Hopefully?
X-Men #206 – More crossover mutant magic!
X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #4 -More space mutant magic!