Avengers Classic #7 – More Masters of Evil goodness.
Cable & Deadpool #48 – Deadpool teams up with Brother Voodoo. Only one more rndom team-up, and then this book gets shit-canned in favor od revamping all the X-Men books. Grrr…
Captain America: The Chosen #5 – For a war/soldier boy comic, this book doesn’t suck as much as it could.
Catwoman #74 – More action with the non-reformed Catwoman.
Exiles #100 – The end of the line for this book. It’s getting relaunched as the ‘New Exiles’ next month with a suckier team, and possibly a better artist. I will give it one issue.
Incredible Herc #112 – So the Hulk is mysteriously going into a new ongoing and turning red, while Hercules takes over his make book for awhile. The art looks great.
Mighty Avengers #6 – Finally we get to see Ares digging around in Ultron’s ear. Awesome. One battle almost done, and their about to dive into another.
New X-Men #45 – I uh… missed last week’s X-Factor… so I’ll be buying both that and this today.
The Order #6 – This is a surprisingly solid book.
She Hulk 2 #24 – I’m so glad Peter David took over on this book. It’s been a fun read… and a surprising Skrull appearance.
Thor #4 – Thos seeks out more of the missing gods of Asgard. He’s been successful so far!
Ultimate X-Men #89 – The not dead Professor and Cable are teaming up now? What?? Plus… Ultimate Apocalyse is coming.
What If: Civil War – I don’t know how they’re gonna spin it… but I can’t wait to see!!