Astounding Wolf-Man #4 – Not a bad comic. It keeps your interested, but it doesn’t have you racing for the next issue like ‘Walking Dead”, by the same writer.
Fantastic Four #552 – Can you say killing time and issues until the newer more high profile creative team takes over? Apparently big secrets are to come out about Reed’s devious post-Civil War plans. Then again, Storm & the Black Panther joining the team was supposed to be exciting. Oh well.
Marvel Comics Presents #4 – This book is great stuff, and I’m hoping more people out there are reading it! The Hellcat story reaches a close this issue, while the Weapon Omega & Vanguard stories keep on going!
New Avengers #37 – The Avengers finally throw down with the legion of villains that have been gathering the past issues. I love big fights!
New Warriors #6 – So is the team going to disband or not. My guess is not, since this is an on-going book, but ho will lead the team?
X-Factor #26 – Messiah CompleX continues. This story is awesome, and I hope you’ve been buying the books, cuz they’re selling out!!
X-Men: Die By The Sword #5 – This Turdy McTurd of a mini-series draws to a close. Will Captain Britain and crew defeat a bunch of villains no one cares about. WIll Dazzler and Longshot get back together? Will I fall asleep mid-issue?