So I snagged a copy of Seal’s new album ‘System’ a few weeks back. I don’t know if I could ever be a professional music critic, because I need a few weeks to properly digest an album. Which I feel is fair, since most artists spend a year or so putting it all together, the least I can give them is a week or so. Well I took more than that, but my review is a little more settled. On first couple listens it all kind of melted into 1 pile of good but same-y. But the more I listen the more each song jumps out at me. Sure it is a little cheesy that he did a song with his wife, Heidi Klum, but the song isn’t awful, & she could really sound a lot worse (*koff* Tyra). The first song, “If It’s In My Mind It’s On My Face”, is a great way to start the album, and hopefully will wind up a single. I think the album has caught some flack because it’s a dance album, which opens it up to a whole lot of interpretations.

Basically, I think Seal & Stuart Price got together to craft his songs with an atypical pop sound, but to not be overwhelmed by that sound. He’s not trying to make a MaleDiva Cher/Madonna/Kylie album. I don’t think we’re gonna see him out learning choreography & dancing it up under the mirror ball. His roots were thoughtful dance music, & that’s where he’s come back to. He avoids those sappy ballads that made me dislike him in the 90’s (think ‘Kiss From a Rose”), & moves back to tunes like ‘Crazy’ & ‘Killer’. (However some tunes like ‘Waiting For You’ can’t hurt).

So what’s my point?
Go get the album. It’s not gonna have you wanting to burn up the dancefloor, but you’ll bop along in your chair, and enjoy some thoughtful ideas. It’s worth your time, and probably worth more than the one Grammy nomination he got this year!

Seal & Stuart Price on MIC Sessions:

Also check out his upcoming appearance on NBC. It sounds random & fascinating, and pretty gay:
Upcoming TV Appearances:The Music of Seal on Ice – January 1, 2008. Watch it while you nurse your hangover!