Avengers: Initiative Annual #1 – Background on some of these noobs we’ve been reading so much about!!
House of M: Avengers #2 – It’s fun taking a trip back to this alternate reality. Hopefully we’ll visit more often.
Midnighter #14 – The new team on this book has been churning out some really solid stories. Check it out!
Ms. Marvel #22 – That cover is FIERCE!!! This books gets us a little bit closer to resolving Carol’s multiple personality disorder. Heh!
Omega the Unknown #3 – This book is strange. And I’m fascinated.
The Order #5 – I keep thinking this book is weak, and then I read it, and get reminded of the solid art, and unique story.
The Twelve #0 – Checking this out to see if I wanna bother with the limited series coming out in ’08.
Ultimate X-Men #88 – The continuing saga of the Ultimate X-Men. What curve ball will they be thrown next?
The Ultimates 3 #1 – I’ve been wanting to get into the Ultimates for a while. Well they sealed the deal when they brought back one of my favorite artists of the 90’s — Joe Madureira!!
Uncanny X-Men #493 – Cable is back from the dead. I won’t spoil anything else!
What If: X-Men – Rise & Fall of The Shi’Ar #1 – What would happen if Vulcan had the Phoenix powers – my guess? The shit would probably hit the fan!
World War Hulk: AfterSmash #1 – So just how much of NYC has been F-d up by the Hulk and those who fought him!?
X-Men Die By The Sword #4 – Mediocrity at it’s dullest. This book suscks… only pick it up if you are a die hard loser-fan. Like me.