Some holiday weekend reading!!!
Avengers Classic #6 – A reprint of the introduction to the Masters of Evil. It’s like the Avengers… only, you know, Evil.
Brave & The Bold #8 – After last month’s titty-team-up we move into a more random pairing… like Flash & the Doom Patrol.
Captain America #32 – The second wave of the story following Cap’s death begins, bring more of the Black Widow in on the action, and setting the stage for a new Cap to debut in 2008!!
Captain America: The Chosen #4 – I’m not really into war/military stories, but could there be a big surprise in the works… and this dude will be the new Cap, and not Bucky/Winter Soldier?
Catwoman #73 – So she gave up the baby & is back on the prowl. Interesting creative choices happening here.
Incredible Hulk #111 – The aftermath of World War Hulk starts it up here. Solid crossover story coming to an end!
New X-Men #44 – Messiah CompleX continues. I’m really pleased how the story is rolling through all the titles with excitement & fluidity.
She Hulk 2 #23 – The new creative take-over on Shulkie continues, and with her on the run from the law, as well as 2 Jennifer Walters running around, the story seems to be off with a bang!
The Loners #6 – Final issue. I sure will miss the 80’s inspired covers. And I feel like there’s a lot to wrap up in one issue!
X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #3 – So are the Starjammers going to join forces with Vulcan? Whatever gets them back to Earth faster, I say!