All Star Superman #9 – Stellar storytelling pretty much makes up for the slow ass shipping schedule for this book. The 2-part Bizarro story was great, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!
Avengers: Initiative #7 – SO we learn more about the mysterious Scarlet Spiders this week. Hope it’s not lame!
Captain Marvel #1 – He’s not dead. And the 4 page preview I read last week sound pretty good, so I’ll give it a try!
House of M: Avengers #1 – Finally a mini focusing back tot he House of M timeline. The HoM version of the Avengers looks surprisingly simliar to Heroes for Hire. Coincedence?
Marvel Comics Presents #3 – Looks like one of the stories this week brings in Magneto. Cool! Hopefulyy it’s a current story and not some flashback/origin thingy.
New Avengers #36 – Time to call out Spider-Woman… from the looks of the cover. Skrull or not. Defector or not?
Thor #4 – Thor is totally sexy… and smart too. Ooh… and rich. And last ish he’s been one of the first peeps in a while to give Iron Man the shit he deserves. Booyah!
World War Hulk #5 – The end is nigh. We know the Hulk doesn’t destroy the Earth or NYC… so what does he actually do!?
X-Factor #25 – The crossover is off to a strong start, lots of surprises & so far the writing team is keeping track of all the balls they have in the air.
X-Men: Die By The Sword #3 – Last issue didn’t suck as hardcore as I thought it would… but I dunno that I could actually call this series “good.”