a-5592-002.jpgI love Scumfrog!!!
He was born in ’71 in Amsterdam, & eventually moved to New York where he’s become 1 of the biggest DJ’s out there today. I’ve been in love with him since he took Kylie out to play, but he’s also done some hot work for Britney Spears, Monica, Rob Thomas, Missy Elliott, Crystal Waters, Kristine W, Enrique Iglesias, David Bowie, Kelis, & Utada Hikaru. He evenlaunched his own virtual reality club in the Second Life universe. I dunno what that means really, but it should impress Julie!

Kylie Minogue – Love At First Sight (Scumfrog’s Beauty & the Beast Vocal Edit)
Annie Lennox – Pavement Cracks (Scumfrog Dirty Radio Edit)
Amiel – Love Song (Scumfrog Radio Edit)
Annie – Heartbeat (Scumfrog Radio Edit)