Astonishing X-Men #23 – I wish this was shipping faster, because the story is really picking up now. And it is starting to seem like Kitty & Colossus are going to be left in space! Noooooo!!!
Buffy: Season 8 #8 – Still just buying it to read later. Call me a slacker!
Fantastic Four #551 – The original team is back. And a “heroic” Dr. Doom from the future is coming to start some shit.
Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash #1 – How awesome can this get. The main characetrs from 3 of horror’s best franchises get together. SWEET!!
Midnighter #13 – The story is getting a little convoluted, but hopefully then can end it strongly.
Ms. Marvel #21 – A new story is starting up, & it looks like it’s going to tackle why Carol keeps turning blue & not dying.
New Avengers: Illuminati #5 – The brain trust gets together to chat it up about how fabulous it was at the Hulk’s little soiree in NYC.
Omega the Unknown #2 – Bizarre and fascinatig, so glad I picked up issue 1.
The Order #4 – This new team sure has a lot of drama and goings on for some cats who have been around for all of about 10 minutes. Still good reading though!
Uncanny X-Men #492 – The next chapter of Messiah CompleX. I’m really hoping that there is significant plot development and action in each chapter!! I’ll still buy every book regardless… it would just be nice, y’know!?
World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #4 – THis book is kinda not that important it seems, you know the Hulk is gonna kick their asses, and you know we’re not gonna hear from them again. Oh well.