My best friend, Shanty, & I are going down to DC this afternoon to see the one & only Tori Amos in concert. I’m ecstatically excited. Plus, we got VIP packages, so we get to sit in on the soundcheck, & meet her. That’s right, I’m going to meet Tori Amos (again) this afternoon!!! Expect some goofy/giddy pictures soon!!

For now, enjoy her complete appearance from 1999 on Just Passin’ Thru on local radio station WHFS!!

Tori Amos – Lust (Live 8.25.99 WHFS)
Tori Amos – 1000 Oceans (Live 8.25.99 WHFS)
Tori Amos – Concertina (Live 8.25.99 WHFS)
Tori Amos – Jackie’s Strength (Live 8.25.99 WHFS)