Authority Prime #1 – So it looks like the proposed ongoing series for the Authority has been shit-canned. Luckily, a new mini starts up this month, and Midnighter is still going strong.
Black Panther #31 – More intergalactic dimension hopping for the new FF. I wonder if BP will blaze out on his own once the new creative team starts up on FF.
Cable & Deadpool #46 – I’m totally digging the Deadpool & Bob lost in time story-line. After shaking things up with Cap & Bucky, our heroes (?) bump into the classic Fantastic Four. Woohoo.
Moon Knight #13 – After the last arc which started strong then drug on & got kinda convoluted, Moony does an about face & becomes a registered hero. But he has mental issues & has a little crazy on his face. So how is that going to jive with SHIELD?
She-Hulk 2 #22 – She-Hulk has been chugging along for a few years now, & when I’ve glanced at her book, it’s been solid, but I’ve never been a regular buyer. However this month, Peter David, who writes the incredible X-Factor series, takes over as writer with this issue. They definitely have my attention now!
What If… Planet Hulk? – This fall’s ‘What If’ one-shots are startiong to come out, & I’m definitely checking this 1 out since I love what’s been going on with the Hulk lately!
X-Men #204 – The aftermath of the last arc, where the Marauders returned to throw the team on the fire. It was thrilling, and action-packed, so I’m eager to see where that leaves the team now.
X-Men: Die By The Sword #2 – I can’t quite understand the call on Marvel’s end with the writer of this series. Claremont is a living comic book legend, but his recent work, I hate to say, is quite sub-par. So instead of letting him go, they cancel both of his books, start a mediocre mini-series to crossover both cancelled books, then start them both over with number 1 issues, that he will only be writing 1 of. I guess I’m a sucker & want to see what happens though.