Things are picking up for the hot blonde icon. ‘2 Hearts’ has made it to radio, and the official single releases is just weeks away. Her documentary ‘White Diamond’ just premiered across the UK at various VUE cinemas, and she looked fantastic at the premiere.
The DVD should be out in Mid December, packaged with both the Documentary, and the full concert of the Showgirl Homecoming show.
Oh… and is this the new album cover?
Perhaps…. either way… several international sites are offering ‘X’ for pre-order. And the remix for ‘2 Hearts’ got some play on the Pete Tong radio show (beware though… the mp3 isn’t great quality).

Kylie – 2 Hearts (Alan Braxe Mix) ***low quality radio rip***

And Darren Hayes recently performed a cover of the tune on Australian TV.

Darren Hayes – 2 Hearts (Live Cover)

So much stuff!!! I just might burst!!